Wyze Doorbell



I’d REALLY like to a Wyze Doorbell so I replace by Ring Doorbell and have everything in one ecosystem. Not to mention that Amazon just bought out Ring, and I don’t want to go that way

What do you Say WAZE ! ! !


Hmmmm… yes that would be an interesting direction for us to explore, but first — an outdoor version!


So much yes to this… I would love to ditch my ring.


I’m in the same boat, would love to see a door bell replacement for my sorry excuse for one (Ring) and also an indoor and outdoor remote movable cam. Keep up the great work, us guys are awesome (no offense for the term guys just an expression).


Thanks for the support!


None taken! We do have more exciting products coming this year and we can’t wait to share that with you once we can!


I too would like a doorbell. Alot of these doorbells are limited or just don’t work well



I would like to get one too, please get it sooner,



Wyze doorbell please. Could negate outdoor cam for SOME.


As it stands right now, I’m seriously considering just putting a Wyze AT my front door to use as a doorbell cam. :slight_smile: They’re so wallet-friendly and there are so many mixed reviews about the actual doorbell cams I figure why fix what’s not broken? I’ll just get the outdoor cover for it and put it above my door. :slight_smile: If/when a Wyze doorbell comes out, I’ll just relocate my current door cam to another area and install the doorbell cam :slight_smile:




Was considering this too, however doorbell supplies power so no standard plugin required


I hate my Ring doorbell. It takes forever to connect once the doorbell rings. I mounted a V2 above it and I use that instead (so it ain’t the signal strength).


Plus Ring’s video feed is closed and can only be seen by the Ring app.

A Wyze doorbell would be great.




That would be awesome. Replacing Ring with Wyze is like replacing a hotdog with a rib-eye. Or for the vegans, replacing a salad with a cherry pie.

I have been looking forward to the day I can throw that Ring crap away.


I would also love to see a Wyze door bell. Please keep us all posted to where it is on your roadmap as we all would love to get one.



I mounted a camera outside at my front door, upside down using the mounting ring that came with the camera! Work’s like a dream! This is my view!


This is a picture of the camera!


There are so many good 3rd party housings for outdoor already! I’d buy the doorbell over an outdoor model first :wink:


Exactly why a doorbell makes more sense. We already have the ability to mount outdoor, doorbell is something that needs factory assistance, esp integration into the app.


I already have 2 Wyze cams and a doorbell would complete the package, please make it a priority before any outdoor cams, a doorbell is an outdoor cam right?