Wyze doorbell wedge with more angle

Would be nice to have another wedge with more angle. In my case the old doorbell was mounted at an awkward spot and facing the other wall. The existing wedge gave me a little angle but would love for it to face more straight ahead of the entrance.

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I have seen a few people get creative and use poly door shims and some glue to make a new shim :slight_smile: more to their angle of need. it’s an idea


Perhaps model one up with tinkercad and someone could 3d print it? What angle are you looking for? Mine hasn’t shown up yet, so I don’t know the exact dimensions of the base.

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Well they say the included wedge is 30° angle, and as you see on the picture above my door is to the left. Maybe a 45°+ angle would be much better and capture more ahead.


Of course, my entrance is different than yours. I think that a 15 degree wedge would be perfect for me. I agree that there should be more wedge options.

Yes! :grin: Relocating in some cases would be a pain. That would solve the issue.

My angle of view is about the same as yours, Phubu 'cuz it’s mounted on wall perpendicular to door. Need 90° wedge. In the mean time, I get a nice view of the neighbor’s driveway.


Still makes more sense in your case, i have a wall :joy: