Wyze doorbell wall plate removal

I have not installed my Wyze doorbell but I attached the wall plate to the doorbell. How do I remove it? Thank you.

Welcome to the forums! To make it easier to remove, I put the wedge on the backpiece, then remove it. Adding the wedge gives it something for you to grab onto. It takes a little force, push the doorbell towards the wedge/backpiece then lift up on the doorbell, and push down on the wedge/backpiece

This guy says a steak knife helps.

3:55 mark of the video shows it

How exasperating! I can’t find any info as to how to disconnect the camera/doorbell from its back plate.

I did find “There is a small “edge” which grabs the camera on each side, so you need to spread them to remove the camera!”, but I don’t see any edges to spread. Support sent an email with installation video links that do not cover this. ANYBODY???



Multiple threads on this. I’m fond of the Steak Knife Method for style points.

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just pull up on the doorbell

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Maybe you, but not me. Using the angel thingee as a handgrip works, though.

So I am going to be moving probably in a year’s time or so and I want to take the doorbell camera with me. When it comes to that time, how do I go about uninstalling the doorbell? Or what if I need to replace it due to a power surge, faulty unit, vandalism, etc? Prior to installation it’s very easy since you can access the back, but once it is installed it looks nearly impossible. Aside from hitting it from underneath and likely breaking something in the process, is there another way?


Stick a paperclip down the back to release the locking tab.

Steak knife much more impressive.

Hmm, I didn’t notice any kind of a gap where I could fit anything down it, but I’ll have to look again when I get home from work. Thanks!

To detach the doorbell, if you are using the wedge, place your thumbs at the top of the wedge and push upward on the bottom of the doorbell with your fingers. It will come off, it is made to be removed this way. If you are not using the wedge just slide the doorbell upwards, and again it will come off it is designed to be removed this way.


I found this out early in the process. The mounting plate as a one way clip I think to prevent it from being stolen. Both zoggybottom and C have are correct . I tape my so it couldn’t
engage until I am sure the the device is working properly m

thumb method above worked well. Finally!