WYZE Doorbell: Unable to select options icon in app

I have an issue where I am unable to select the options/settings icon in the top right corner when I open my video doorbell in the app. It’s basically like the icons for the back arrow and options are tucked under the native Android notification bar. I submitted this issue with the Wyze wizard team but after 5 people tried to help, they closed my ticket without resolution.

This doesn’t happen with other Wyze devices in the app, I have several lights I use and can access the icon just fine. Has anyone seen this issue?

I have a Google Pixel 5A with Android 12.

Here is a thread which where this is being discussed. I have reported this to Wyze as well, waiting to see when it gets corrected. But basically you can get to the options by tapping just below the gear and to the right some.

Thanks for the thread info! Apparently my search wasn’t robust enough to find it before I posted. I can’t seem to find that sweet spot on the pixel 5A I use. Seems strange it’s only in the doorbell device and not the lights I use.

Yea, sent it in. I only knew about the thread as I frequent the Forums to help out and set it to notify on new posts.

I ended up tapping around the area slowly and minimal adjustments until I hit the sweet spot. once found I did it a couple more times to make sure I knew where it was. It was difficult up front.

Same problem here with my Pixel 4a/5G.

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I’m having the exact problem. I can’t add another chime and assume it’s where I need to go to adjust volume