Wyze doorbell two way talk volume

I had bought the wyze outdoor initially because I wanted to be able to two way talk at my front door and didn’t really want to get into a video doorbell. However the sound is terrible on that - too quiet and muffled by the waterproofing attempts.

I am considering the doorbell but if the sound is going to be equally poor I don’t want to bother. Anyone any idea if the sound is much improved and actually useable? Anyone from Wyze or beta testers have any opinions?

I guess for $30 it is worth the risk. But having to wait 3 months and then be disappointed would be a killer.


I’m not sure because I didn’t bata test this one!
I’ll tag the @Mavens to see if any of them have any experience with that product.

Sadly I’m unable to answer this. but considering one of the intentions is to talk to people I’m sure it was high up in the consideration ladder. I can say I know of them changing some things in hardware for future products or at least the intention to do so, so I wouldn’t doubt this uses vastly different hardware than anything that is on sale the public currently.


I was a beta tester for the Doorbell. In the early stages, two way was an issue but at its current point it works well. It’s easy enough to have a conversation with someone at your door. I have limited experience with other brands but from what I’ve seen the Wyze doorbell does as well or better The caveat, as with all devices of this type, will be that it does depend on external factors like ambient noise, mounting location, and especially Wifi setup. I use and enjoy mine a lot!