Wyze Doorbell Responses!

So, I just got a package at the door and I had an idea. I’m fairly certain this has been done before in the history of wifi doorbells but I haven’t seen it been mentioned on here.
Here’s the idea:
Someone’s at the door, but you either can’t talk to them or just don’t want to. There should be phrases built into the app that the doorbell will say for you.
-Hi, please leave the package by the door.
-Hi, I’m unavailable at the moment but can take a message.
This would be a convenient way to communicate with someone at the door without actually having to speak to them!

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This is an excellent idea! Would these responses be recorded by the user or would there be options for the user to chose? Would this be triggered only when the doorbell detects a person? Maybe the responses could be scheduled or turned on and off based on the user’s location?

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I completely forgot about my post ;-;
I very much appreciate the response and I see a new tab in the beta app :eyes: that’s amazing (mine doesn’t seem to be working at the moment though)
My initial thought was that they’d be pre programmed into the system, and it would be spoken like how it is in the setup phase, although user recorded messages could work great too.
Having them show up on the “call” screen when someone pushes the doorbell would be amazing too!
Oh yeah and also user location based responses would be great, although with multiple people in the house it may get a little tricky.

This would also be a great screening tool
ding dong
User sees doorbell has been pressed and uses voice response
Wyze DB:“Hi, how can I help you?”
Person: “bla bla bla I’m here to sell you useless things”
DB: “No thanks! Have a great day!”

It would be cool to have options like “how can I help you” but then leading off of that there can be like “yes” “no” “thanks” etc

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So I’ve had the doorbell for about a week now. Video is clear and audio is decent. It failed to notify me when there was an intruder, but that was without PLUS and that’s different story.

Anyway, I noticed this week that Delivery guys would quickly press the doorbell, wait for no more than 5 seconds, then drop the package in front my my door assuming I’m not home. On my end, it takes more than 5 seconds to open the app and once it’s open, poof the delivery guy is gone.

I’m proposing the ability to change or modify the sound the doorbell makes. Perhaps something like a voice saying “Calling owner…” or perhaps a phone ring similar to condos. That usually keeps the person, delivery guy or whoever’s at the door waiting. Of course, this feature would need to be tested.

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