Wyze Doorbell Peephole Kit/Battery Kit

I live in a condo that does not have a door bell. Question, is it true the Wyze doorbell have a micro USB port on the back? If so, can you use a battery pack to power it? If there is a micro USB port on the back, Wyze could create a peephole kit so users with peepholes could replace the peephole with a camera and run a micro USB cable through the hole to the camera with a battery pack on the back of the door?

Yes, it’s true there is a microUSB port on the back under a little flap. I haven’t installed mine yet, but I checked to see that it is true.

Yes you can use a battery pack to power it just like you can for V2’s or V3’s. Others have tested out using battery packs to power the cams, and this one will be no different…in fact, it’ll probably use less battery than the V2 or V3. Length of use depends on size of the battery of course.

Wyze could create a kit for a peephole mounting project, but I wouldn’t hold my breath…instead, look for 3rd party solutions, or ask some guys on Etsy or Thingiverse if they’ll design something, and then they can sell it to lots of people for this purpose.

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Hello Carverofchoice

Not sure if you can provide it, but can you give me the measurement of the back plate the doorbell attaches to? I’m actually working on an idea and would like to create the plate via my 3D printer.


I had the link to a YouTube video showing this micro usb port in the back of the doorbell in another post. I started a thread asking if anyone can recommend a safe plug in transformer for my Wyze doorbell. Seems I don’t have to now. You should check out the video. I ran cable from a Wyze V2 camera through the peephole in my door, mounted the receiving plate from the doorbell over the open peephole and to a Wyze plug which I plugged into an outlet inside by the door. Everything works great on WIFI and cellular on my iPhone. The peephole gets as warm as a normal Wyze camera. I have yet to hear from Wyze as to why this usb port wasn’t mentioned. I do like how the doorbell lights up as someone approaches my door.


I want to see the view it has. this could help a lot of people. :slight_smile:

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Here’s what I get to see.


I measured with 2 different measuring tapes. Both showed: Just under 8cm X just over 3cm (basically 7.9cmX3.1`cm)

I’ve included the measuring tape pictures in case you need a reference for where the connectors are in the back plate (where they snap in) and how far apart they are…that’s a lot more important in some ways.
Hope that helps.


wow! thats impressive!

you might wanna make a post in tricks and tips on how to do this ( mounting and all) this would be a great how to in a step by step guide for MANY people!

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Thanks carverofchoice. I appreciate this. I’ve got a initial design down but this helps with specifics. Once I get the design down and tested (after I buy the camera). I will share the directions and 3D design to everyone do you can print on your own.

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