Wyze Doorbell notification images

Horizontal image from Doorbell on iOS?
Howdy all…I got my doorbell few days ago and installed. I noticed the photo for notification on iOS alerts is rotated 90 degrees horizontally. When I open the app, everything is fine…its just the snapshot on the iOS alert. also when I asked for show me the Wyze doorbell video on echo show and fire tv. Anyone else experiencing the same?

yes, they are aware, hopefully a fix is coming soon

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different issue…this issue is the thumbnail in the notification is sideways



Total miss. Let’s go Wyze! Knock out the firmware or app update to fix this!

I am having the same problem on my Apple Watch 6 (watchOS 7.3) and iPhone 12 Pro Max (iOS 14.4).

PS: It does provide a great picture on my watch.