Wyze Doorbell Motion Tagging

Please add motion tagging to the wyze doorbell. When motion is triggered, it would be helpful to see the green motion tagging box around the object that triggered motion.

Also, a siren would be nice to ward off potential unwanted visitors.

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When motion is detected on the Cam Pan cameras, the event playback shows a (green box) around the area where it detected motion. The Door Bell does not have this feature. I am getting multiple events from my Door Bell and am trying to use the Detection Zone to block out motion for the unwanted alerts, but so far I have not been able to determine what is causing the motion alerts. Motion identification like the Cam Pan has would be helpful on the Door Bell.


Absolutely need this! I’ve blocked off anything in view that could conceivably move, to the point where the “active” area is ridiculously small and broken up and I’m STILL getting motion notifications every few minutes.