Wyze Doorbell Fuse Wire

if u only have 1 doorbell, you probably have 1 transformer

Thanks Ken, just checked both chimes, they look identical, or are they master and slave?

looks like one chime is daisey chained off the other. If I had to guess, the 2nd pic is the 1st chime, and the 1st pic is the 2nd. It looks like you have the fuse installed at the 1st chime. Does the Wyze doorbell work? If you are having issues, at the fuse, I would just disconnect the 2nd chime, so basically you’d have a dead cable running between the 1st & 2nd chime.

Yes, that is correct, second picture is the one from the foyer chime and the doorbell is working.

I wasn’t sure if the fuse wire is really needed so did the installation for the doorbell and it was working perfectly. Curiosity for the fuse wire landed me to this forums and stumbled on this thread and decided to connect the fuse wire and was wondering how to take care off the second chime box.

the doorbell will work without the fuse, it’s just a safety device in case the transformer malfunctions & sends 110v down the line. The fuse would blow if that happened.

Truly appreciate your analysis! I will disconnect second chime.


I know live in France, will it work under 220v ?

Thanks for your help.

Here is my Door Chime… 6 wires! so one set black and white come from transformer - another set comes from back door bell button - 3 set from front door bell button… if im only going to use the front door bell then do I connect the white wire from there and the white wire from transformer & then black wire from front door bell to black wire from transformer and the put the Wyze fuse/jumper wire between those the combined white and black wires?