Wyze doorbell error message code 09

Ok I mostly forgot about this because there’s a free and simple work around.

I installed the android version of VLC {aka Videolan video player}

When the doorbell video gives you an erro code 06 07 or 09 like …

… click the OK … then tap the circled in red icon … kind of a box with an arrow coming out … a popup list of apps will appear …

… then select the VLC app and the video will play properly.

The only real downside is this automagically saves the video to your phone and if you use it a lot you will have to clear the videos to save space. Otherwise it’s a simple workaround that adds only a few seconds.

No matter what the error code says that’s not the problem. As near as I can tell the problem is the video is rotated 90 degrees and the Wyze video player doesn’t play well on some phones. A more appropriate work around would be the option to NOT have the image rotated in the Wyze app.

Something I haven’t tried but might also work is override your phones video player with something like VLC.

In any event, yeah this should have been addressed by now but for $30 I’m fine using my work around. For $60 which is the current price I’d probably return it but either way it doesn’t seem like that big a deal.

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That worked. Thanks

It works for me…Thanks so much!

Yes, thank you!
This actually works on my phone.
This problem was driving me crazy, and even after all the contact with Wyze customer service mavens, and submitting developer logs, without success, this worked.