Wyze doorbell error message code 09

Not the one I have, which is 7.1.1

Developer logs are definitely looked into, but you won’t receive direct feedback most of the time. Solutions are most likely being worked on and your submission of logs will help!

I’m running Android 8.0.0, but no go. :confused:

Maybe they (support logs) are looked at.

But I’ve been complaining about this issue for over two months, and there has been minimal contact with the support guys. They wanted me to do the things I already had done - and have done multiple times. Updates, resets, reinstalls, whatever.

Event playback has not worked once - and I installed at end of Feb 2021. I send logs occasionally, and only get back the canned reply, but no actual help.

So, here I sit, 2 1/2 months later, and doorbell event playback still does not work.

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New doorbell update today (5/12/2021), no improvement. :-1:

Looks like I’ll be sending it back for a refund. :confused:

I gave up on this doorbell… Sent it back today.

Very disappointing.

WYZE SUPPORT: Ticket # 1221080 Log # 202684


Don’t hold your breath. My guess is that they rushed this product out–half baked–now they’re in over their heads, scrambling to get answers to problems they hoped wouldn’t crop up.

Have you received a response on this yet?

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No response. Should I expect one?

The Wyze Mavens keep coming on here, telling us to submit logs, and asking if we could contact Customer Service again with our complaints.
So, in the spirit of hope, I have submitted logs, sometimes several per day.
I have also been back in touch with Customer Service.
NOBODY has been able to help me at the Wyze World Headquarters as of yet. However I do remain hopeful! lol

This place (forum) is not an official support area by Wyze support folks. Although they do chime in occasionally, I think.

But, since this issue has been going on since at least the end of Feb (when I got and installed my doorbell camera - one of the first shipments after release), I am not hopeful that anyone at Wyze is actively working on a fix.

I keep sending logs, but no response, other than the canned response you get when you submit a log.

Event playback for the doorbell cam doesn’t work on my Android phone (Android version 7.0) . Does work on my tablet Lenovo TB-X505F, Android 1.0), but I don’t carry the tablet everywhere.

I am not hopeful of a fix, because of the number of people reporting issues on this forum, and the lack of an official response from Wyze.

Unfortunately, it’s all we’ve got, and the best we can hope for!
When you click on the official support button, and communicate with the company, through official channels, all you get, is try this, try that, and do it over and over again. It is the antithesis of insanity, doing something over and over again, and hoping for a different outcome, and/or solution.
The same goes for submitting developer logs. Nothing happens. It is a continuous do loop, which results in nothing happening.
I guess, we are just hopeful, that someone there, at the Wyze World Headquarters, reads one of these responses, and a light bulb comes on, resulting in a fix for this error code, 09 and 06, and we can “fetch” the video from the cloud, on our Android phones.

They know they have a problem. When I reviewed the app poorly on the Google Play Store because of this issue, and detailing it, they replied with something to the effect that they were aware of the issue and working on it. A month or so later they changed their reply to their generic contact support message,

On a log, usually not as they go to the developers, on a ticket number usually yes, you should get a response. Let me run this up and see if anything has come of it.

Sending a log file gets you an automatic response with a ticket number. And that’s all.

Nothing after that. Not even an email that says ‘yeah, we know about that and hope to fix it soon’.

No doorbell event playback on my Android version 7.0 phone since installing the doorbell Feb 28, 2021. Has never worked.

I’m thinking it will never work. And disappointed in that.

I have been chasing this problem for several months now. Same problem when they launched their first camera’s. They found it was an account problem on the server. I have followed every step all of you have and no resolution. They are now sending me a second replacement doorbell and told me to turn off the CAM Plus before upgrading the firmware. Of course it takes them 10 days to send a new unit so this adds 20 days for the two units on top of the first problem. Interesting thing was it worked fine until the CAM Plus free time expired. And I never used the CAM Plus.

I have exact same problem. I have two Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablets.Doorbell doesn’t work on either. Works on old ZTE android phone and wife’s iPhone. Have cam v2 that works fine on my Samsung tablets. Wyze told me the incompatibility issue would be fixed on a future update. It’s been 3 months - still waiting.

I finally fixed my problem. I got a new phone. Samsung Galaxy A23 5G, Android v11 OS.

The old phone (LG 3) was Android v7, I think.

But replacing the phone shouldn’t be required.

I agree it shouldn’t be necessary. I’m thinking about cutting my losses and ordering a Ring. It took me 4 months just to get the preorder and 3 months working on this problem with no end in sight. I’ve had 5 tickets opened and everything just keeps going in circles. I understand your frustration. Thanks for your reply.