WYZE doorbell adapter for vinyl siding

I have recently received my doorbells and found that they will be difficult to mount on vinyl siding. Does anyone know of a company that sells mounting kits specifically for the WYZE product? I did see that someone has provided a downloadable pdf for a 3D printer but that is beyond my capabilities. I have also reached out to Eric Ripley (NearlyNewModels Products to make your life easier)
on Etsy to see if he can make an adapter for the WYZE product. He has an extensive selection online for other brands already. Just wondering is there is a product available already.

This might be your best bet. Just modify the holes on the mounting plate. Lots of different versions, Home Depot even caries a plate for doing this.

Etsy: Doorbell Vinyl Siding Mount Angle Adjustment Wedge

or ebay:Eufy-Vivint-Doorbell-Vinyl-Siding-Mount-Angle-Adjustment-Wedge


LOL, here is one of the unusual problems created by the excellent pricing on the WYZE doorbell. See reply regarding my inquiry on Etsy: “that sounds like Dutch lap siding. i would have to make a custom mount to fit the doorbell. then another custom to make it fit the Dutch lap. by the time i was done the mount would cost more than the doorbell did. Sorry.”

So you are correct. Modifying an existing vinyl mount may be the best idea for now. My guess is that one of the tech savvy folks in the WYZE community may be able to capitalize on the need and come up with one to sell in the future :slight_smile:

Um, why not… screw it into the siding? Perhaps with with a wedge to adjust the angle?

Hi There… if you don’t have any luck with Eric Ripley you could reach out to my boyfriend. He just got a new Wyze doorbell and designs/prints on his 3d printers. He has an Etsy shop.
Check it out.
Good luck!

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Thank you very much. I will contact him :slight_smile:

If you have a 3d printer you can make one of these. Wyze Doorbell Siding Mount by chopperwalker - Thingiverse if not i can probably print you one for cost of shipping and a dollar.