Wyze doorbell (March 30 2022) - unusable/slow connection & streaming

Here’s an update after a day or so of use:

  • the longer I use it, the more it slides back to the old habits of being stuck on step 3 of 3.
  • rebooting the device seems to fix it for a few hours

I was really hopeful this was the fix, but am not so sure anymore. I do understand that it is a beta firmware and hopefully by more people using it and sending logs they can continue to diagnose and correct the issue. It is sad that this device has been in this broken state more than a working state during my ownership period.

Edit: after the first few hours of the new beta firmware where things looked promising, I can now say that it is back to its old tricks of just not connecting. I am beyond frustrated with this thing.

Log 670693

.090 is the Beta. You have to volunteer to be in the Beta Testing program to get it.

Here is the thread where Betas report back findings:

You need to enable the ability to get beta firmware for the device in the Wyze app under account > about > beta program

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Are they deliberately using the word ‘improved’ rather than ‘fixed’? Is that a hint that we shouldn’t expect an actual fix ever?

Certainly up for intrepretation.

I wouldn’t call it improved, it’s different errors, but same result.
Only improvement i have seen, zone detection. Seems to be SLIGHTLY better, but no where near proper or fixed.
After more than 6 months, this what they come up with?

Running for 2days.
So far Doorbell is usable again!
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Awesome! The feedback is very useful to the devs during the Beta phase.

Running 4.125.090 beta firmware for 24 hours. Same issue with connecting (step 3/3) to the app. However, the camera appears to function as expected. It still captures motion, detects people and pets, sends notifications, and the doorbell works. The live stream simply wont stay connected reliably to the app. When the app wont connect I can get it to work again by standing in front of the camera. Also, it appears to work much better early in the morning or late at night. This may indicate an issue on the server side ? Network congestion, keepalive issues ? I have three other Wyze version 2 cameras that work flawlessly.

After running 4.125.090 for a week I have observed the connection issue is between the hours of 7AM and 9PM eastern time. No problems connecting from 9PM to 7AM eastern. This is most likely not a firmware issue.