Wyze doorbell (March 30 2022) - unusable/slow connection & streaming

A variation in the bitstream rate is totally normal with the type of video encoding used these days.
Getting stuck at “Step 3” is not :wink:.

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I think I’ve noticed a pattern in when my doorbell will authenticate or not. Probably the same as others who’ve said that they wave their hand in front of it.

Sometimes my doorbell connects, and sometimes it doesn’t. I’ve found that the times it connects there is some motion in view. It can be in or out of my defined detection area, and can be something other than what I’ve set to be alerted on. It has been little things sometime such as someone walking by on the sidewalk, an animal in the yard like a bird, the wind blowing the tree or even heavy rain.

It seems like the authentication or communication routine is asleep until woken up by motion.

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This problem was picked up on the latest iteration of Fix it Friday for action by Wyze. They are requesting logs. Suggest all affected follow the link to the Wyze post and supply the requested info in reply.

Log submitted 576464

Log 582913
Doorbell not video 3/3
May 19 9:32am EDT

Log 582939**
Doorbell no video stuck 3/3, waved hand in front it connected
May 19 10:02am EDT

Sure wish we could see some action taken on this issue. Maybe even just an action plan?

Still broken since the update. Can’t we just revert back the changes given how many folks have this issue?

Log # 584598

Mine has been working fine since the last 3 days. As good as before.

If you’re o iOS, make sure you have the last app version. Although this version only fixes an issue with the Cam V3 detection area setting and adds a Garage Door module feature, it sure does work well with my Doorbell,

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