Wyze Door Look but with a twist

So everyone who has been paying attention to Wyze knows that you are working on a Door Lock and like me, are eagerly awaiting with anticipation to see what you guys come up with. If I may, I’d like to venture a feature request - A Wyze Door Lock whose only functionality is to report the locked or unlocked status of a door. Hear me out.

There’s a silent group of home automation enthusiast who, like me, love the idea of a smart door lock but do not want or need the ability to unlock a door remotely. After all, the world is full of bad actors. This is enough to scare off potential smart door lock customers even if the likelihood of a compromise is small.

Paranoia aside, there are also regular use cases for this information. For example,

  • Is the door leading to the garage locked?
  • Is the door to the basement stairwell locked?
  • Is the side garage door (a.k.a. Man Door) locked?

For me, knowing whether or not valued points of ingress/egress are secure is still just as important even if it means I have to get off my butt to lock the door.

Anyway, I hope you see the value in my proposition and can find a feasible way to bring such a product to market. For what it’s worth, you’d be the first company to do so.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

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