Wyze Door lock keypad

I was wondering if you guys could give us an estimate time on when the keypad would be released because I recently installed the door lock deadbolt and wanted to know when I could get early access to the keypad I believe that would be reasonable to know what timeline


Received and installed my lock. Installation was quick and very easy. Works great! I’m looking forward to the keypad as it will be the best solution to my needs at a remote rental property. Hopefully I will be able to change/delete/edit/add new codes from any location via the Wyze app. I would really like to see a battery level notification. Since this is a lock it would be important to know when the batteries are getting weak.

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Agree, without remote programming / management of the keypad it will be worthless to me. Remote rental /Airbnb it is a must. Huge market for this. I tried to ask this same question many times before I purchased the lock at the AMA, this forum and Wyze Support. Still no answers from Wyze.
Wyze Team we need details. We are early backers and we should all be included in these details upfront so we can make Wyze buying decisions.
IMO I feel like Wyze is taking advantage of us as early access /backers.

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Airbnb must have indeed.

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The website says early 2020. That was included upfront.


@mrgadget, I was looking at the Lock product page on the Wyze site (https://wyze.com/wyze-lock) and the keypad features are listed there. There is a time based guest code feature listed.

I am not tester for the keypad, but I have to assume they would make the management of those guest codes possible through the app. Wyze always tries to make their products as easy and straightforward to use as possible.

I will also assume the keypad will be made available to the EA group first. It is in beta testing now, so hopefully, we’ll get a crack at it soon.

I agree that the keypad should be managed wirelessly but if you have an Airbnb you should be going to the property after every guest to clean up and make sure the property is clean and maintain for the next guest so you could always reprogram the keypad when you’re there doing routine maintenance for your guest but we should have access wirelessly to keypad

There’s a new keypad configuration menu in today’s app update (will have to wait to get one to see what configuration is possible).

Where are you seeing that? Which app version are you looking at?

Under the gear icon settings for the lock is a new menu item “Keypad Settings” in v2.8.21

That must be a beta version. I checked the play store and I have the current prod version: 2.7.19.

yes it is beta

Any date in the keypad my wife really like to have a keypad.

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Nope, the latest hint was that it would either be at the time of the full lock release or if not, very shortly after. The last we heard, the full lock release was supposed to be in February, so we’ll see.

if you trust her, give her a key. no app access tho, that’s only for blood family.

Anyone hear any updates on the keypad? I bought 4 locks in the early adopters program, and frankly, I hate not having a keypad (went from Nest to these locks and I’m secretly regretting it).

I haven’t seen any new information on the keypad date. The last I heard was either the same time as the offical lock release (February) or shortly after. Although with the current situation going on in China I wouldn’t be surprised if there are delays in manufacturing.

What @kjay stated is correct, they are currently hoping to release them at the same time as the official lock release but it could be just a bit after that. The official lock release was supposed to be in February the last I had heard.


I received and I stalled my Wyze lock and even posted my installation video on YouTube and this forum now I am waiting for the Wyze keypad and Wyze thermostat.

They have a lot of bugs and wonky features they should really work out and fix on this lock before it goes live for general sale. With the widespread issues across various things-calibration/sensor problems, poor auto-unlock reliability, wonky notifications, etc. I can’t imagine this would be successful with a general consumer launch in its present state. I am genuinely curious to see if February still happens.