Wyze Door Lock - App Failing to Connect

I have been using my Wyze Door Lock for about a 5 months. It was working fine, up until a few weeks ago, The Wyze app on my Android phone stopped working with the Door lock and Lock Gateway. The message “Unknown error” pops up when I try to access the Door lock icon on my phone. All other products work fine; Wyze Thermostat and 3 Wyze CAMS- no problems, I tried to upgrade the firmware, doesn’t allow my access to the Door Lock. “Unknow error” pops up when I press the Door Lock icon. Please help. Thank you, PJ

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Not sure what troubleshooting steps you have taken thus far. But a good first step is to make sure you are on the latest (most updated) Wyze App version on your mobile device.

Have you tried a reboot of your Lock Gateway? You can simply unplug the gateway (30 seconds) plug it back in making sure you get the green light then see if you get access back to your lock.

If not, please provide some additional details so that we can assist you a little further.
Phone/Device Type (iOS/Android)
App Version
Firmware Version on the Lock and Gateway

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I have 3 locks and 3 gateways of which I use two. Like you a few weeks ago stared getting issues, Door lock kept saying low battery I changed it rhen a few days later same thing, Then my second door lock said I needed to calibrate it, It took 3 attempts for this to work. Back to lock one a few days later it said I need to calibrate it also and battery is at 7% so again I change batteries however it wont let me calibrate gets to final stage then times out. I have left batteries out for 30 minutes as instructed via help desk call tried Uninstall both gateways and install, then same with lock, This has not helped, Any rhoughts would be great, Also I have notithw firmware on my 3 gateways is all different with no way to update theses help desk didn’t seem concerned by this. At rhe moment I have a lock on my front door that I can use

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