Wyze device control with all Alexa devices and Alexa Routines

You absolutely can do that, send me a screenshot of your Alexa routine. I’ll see what your doing wrong. Just PM it to me.

I will take u up on your offer. The sensor is at my vacation house and i deleted. I will reactivate when i go back in a month and send you a screen shot. The upshot, no matter what i do in alexa routine, the wait command always winds up at the end of the routine. Appreciate the help.

If I use the Smart Life app, IFTTT, and this NEO Wireless Wifi Siren Alarm (https://www.ebay.com/itm/202821330438), will I be able to control the siren alarm (turn it on and off, trigger it) using IFTTT and Wyze sensors or Alexa and Google Home?

Newbie here…how does one vote for this? Would love for my echo dot to control the camera/sensors so that leaving/coming home is voice activated rather than going into the app. I should add that I have no idea what IFTTT is and how to set it up…not that advance :wink:

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The vote button is at the top left of each #wishlist thread. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am using IFTTT and Life360 and it works great for turning the cameras on but not all the time for turning the cameras off. I wanted to make sure that the cameras would turn ON when the apartment was empty and turn OFF when the first person arrived home.

The turning ON part works fine but I’ve noticed that when I come home the cameras are still on so not sure if the issue is with IFFT or Life360.

Just hoping that Wyze will eventually have this feature where it just integrates with Alexa and a routine can be created.

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With IFTTT restricting the number of applets users can create, full Alexa support is absolutely needed. We need to be able to turn ON or OFF cameras using routines in Alexa.


Yes please to Alexa controlling Wyze shortcuts request!!!

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I voted! Alexa need to be able to turn on and off all of my Wyze security cams! A high need for me. But here’s a question, if my Alexa can turn off and on my Wyze light bulbs, shouldn’t it be able to do that same thing with the security cams? Your thoughts please.


I have both Google And Alexa in the house so both or either would be great for me is these features would be possible.

I have routines for both Alexa and Google that do the same thing, it just depends on who I choose to talk to. What they cannot do, is change the status of my cameras. I would like a way to activate a Wyze camera rule from one of these assistance. Be it turning off motion detection or turning the camera off all together, having these options would be very helpful.

For instance, I would say good night to one of my assistance and they would turn off all the lights and tvs, ensure the doors are locked, set my thermostat. set the volumes on all the assistance, set my alarm for a specified time with specified music and it would also be nice to set camera and motion detection to on. As a work around, I have it set to be on and motion detecting at a certain hour but I would rather be able to control it from my assistant. Like when I leave and I say good-bye to my assistant, it should turn on the cameras and turn on motion detection since I manually turn off motion detection during the day when I’m home but I may forget when I run out the house to turn it back on.

OH MY GOD… since 2018, guess what, not going to happen

I also brought cam plus, how do I get a refund on that as well?