Wyze Day October 24

I use Chrome also, maybe I just hit it at a time when it wasn’t screwed up ,don’t know

Awesome as usual… even when admitting the mistakes. Well I hope nobody will get fired over it as I could understand that in the frenzy to try to get the oudoors cam ready and not making it and trying to put together something to celebrate the 2 years mark a few things fell through the cracks :slight_smile: It happens… but the great thing is to see it was not only addressed but also there was an attempt (albeit admittedly not great band aid) to rectify things. What I do appreciate the most is that a representative of Wyze officially came out and candidly and sincerely apologized when called on it and stated they’d will use this as a “teachable moment” :wink: that truly is worth way more than any discounts to me as I know that with that attitude things can only improve :+1:
Thanks @WyzeGwendolyn and @Marcin team!


I don’t know why everyone is so confused. The starter kit isn’t really a “deal”, but it’s not more expensive. The math does add up.

Camera - $20
Sense Starter Kit - $20
Plugs - $15
3 Bulbs - $24
SD Card - $10

Total: $89

Add the (previously) $10 “gift card” and you get:

Total: $99

Now they made it an actual deal, by adding an extra $5 dollars to the gift card.

You don’t get what the complaint is about. Why would you get a “deal” or why call it a “deal” when you admitted yourself that it isn’t?

Tacking on the new $5 deal, doesn’t make the original “deal”, a “deal”. Deal?

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I don’t know if I can deal with this message.


Hi @pedropon,

As Wayne mentioned, I’m not a Wyze employee. As indicated by this #roadmap topic, shipping to Canada and Mexico is in development:

I don’t know when it’s going to happen, but I suspect there may be some news on that front during tonights Wyze Day event.

@Loki @pedropon They just talked about it on the Wyzies. Apparently they’re trying to negotiate shipping fees, but it should happen soon.


Thanks @Loki and @nerdland
I can’t wait to order directly your great products :slight_smile:

So if I paid $106.00 for the kit in this deal, how am I expected to receive back?

The thing to keep in mind here is everything Wyze has is a steal of a deal to begin with? Let’s just all enjoy the birthday party. Lot of people on here into early morning math. I’m over here using my Siri shortcuts to calculate tip for one coffee.


I just checked and yes. I spent 106 and got a gift card for 15, which means I spent $91.

Anyone know how to get past the “no shipping options” issue? I’ve got about $311 in my cart and it won’t let me check out because it’s not giving me shipping options.

The actual error says “Sorry, no quotes are available for this order at this time”

One more Wyzegwendolyn. If this was a deal, we would have been expecting a 20 or30% discount. Make sure you make it that kind of deal going forward. I jumped on it just because your products. Keep us in love with your product by make us save more money and I bet you we will clean up your shelves as fast as we did on your first day of operations.

There is no way they can offer 20 or 30 percent off and stay in business. They already have razor thin margins that is why they can’t do sales like that. Other companies give you a discount once in awhile, WYZE gives you a discount every day, one of the many reasons I love this company.


The free shipping is costing them a lot of money as it is, you won’t get that deal on Amazon because shipping is already added to the base price


I can’t even buy anything. The shipping in checkout is broken for some reason.

Worked for me about 15 minutes ago, bought a bunch of sensors

On your phone or a computer? I’m trying on my phone, it has worked in the past.

I don’t know what you mean by broken at what point is it broken, after you click checkout or when you try to pay ? I put an item in my cart I click checkout , I don’t see anything wrong with shipping

I used a computer and the chrome browser