Wyze DashCam

With your camera technology advancing to a great camera, how about a car DashCam??? If anyone can build a great quality DashCam it’s WYZE!!! Count me in now

There’s already a wish list item for this.

I am sure your enthusiasm for the cameras is well warranted but credit for the design and manufacture does not belong to Wyze, Wyze is basically a reseller and a software and firmware manufacturer


I know that was true of the v1 & v2 cameras, but is that true of the latest models? I would think at this point Wyze would have grown enough to at least opt for some customizations of an existing model, if not a complete ground up design.

I can’t say for sure, but it is my belief that they are not in the manufacturing business

I am sure Wyze is always trying to work on their products. It is a rule that companies try to do to keep up with competition and if they don’t they get swept away and new one emerges and takes over.
However, If you wish to keep prices as low as they are but yet compare them with systems 10 times or more expensive well then I say go buy the expensive stuff and end your gripes with this product.
When you run a company that sells technology it costs money to work to fix and improve said technologies. You have to pay to test products, code, electricity, building, manufacturing, 3rd party services, advertisement, distribution and so on and so on.
We all have said at one point with 1 brush stroke “they should just do X” and fix it. It is easier said than done. Maybe instead of pretending to be CEO/CFO/COO we should just ask Wyze, What can I do to help?

Just sayin

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The label says “Wyze”. However they do biz is not my concern or do I really worry about who makes what part or writes code for the device.

That phone you carry, that TV you use, that vehicle you drive is all made up by different inventors, technology and manufactures. So is your issue that technology is not pure?
Is it that the code is not sourced from 1 person?

So Wyze is a DIY Company which requires it’s consumers to break out the 3D Printer, Soldering Ironing and Software compiler. So how do you fix the following Robo Vac staining, 44mm Exploding/Corroding watch, Battery/Software Issues with Outdoor CAM…Just read the Threads…We can go on and on.


It sounds like you like to tinker with stuff since you have a 3D Printer. It can be very gratifying when used successfully. It also sounds like you have many issues with Wyze. I think you are ready to upgrade, change or move on to another product. That may make you feel happier.
I wish you luck in finding a replacement device and getting back what you are owed from Wyze. Posting on a forum may only give you temporary satisfaction, but replacing defective items will probably give you greater joy. If any company does you wrong I think posting on their own forum will only stay there. Consider Twitter or Facebook to see if they are more receptive.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays.

Open your Eye’s and Read what is going on this Form.

CIO/CTO…Happy Thanksgiving


I am not a fan of Reading Yelp Reviews on Wyze forum

I agree with most of what you’re saying, with a slightly different perspective. Gripes should be limited to the promised product/service function. Ex: If the watch heart rate monitor isn’t performing as promised, user has legit gripe. If the watch doesn’t monitor for falls, there is no standing for gripe. BUT, there is standing to request a future update or next gen include that function. By creating Wishlist Wyze has invited such. But further, there is no standing to gripe that the next version doesn’t include your desired function. Disappointment fine, gripe no.

I feel we as users and wishers shouldn’t censor ourselves, tell ourselves ‘no, Wyze shouldn’t direct resources toward a product I desire’, that is some person’s or committee’s job. So wish on Wyzers. You may contribute the next great product idea for Wyze. But don’t be disappointed if you don’t get your robot snowplow by Christmas. :laughing:

Look, I’m a Wyze fan boy. I have a lot of their products and all I was saying was that giving them credit for the manufacturer is incorrect.

I don’t care if they buy from China or they buy from Pakistan or India it doesn’t change the fact that they are a product reseller, not a manufacturer…

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Well, A Lot of ‘manufacturers’ contract out some or all of their manufacturing. Most grills are done that way. It started in earnest in the 20th century.

Looks like Wyze is selling a knock off from AilExpress or just Rebranded this Cam.

Or maybe they copied Wyze?