Wyze DashCam

I think this sounds very cool maybe Wyze will do this

Dashcam. Does Wyze have any plans to introduce a Car Dash Camera? I think this would be a huge seller

Currently this request is on the maybe-later list. If Wyze decides to move the request forward, it will go to researching. Until then we will keep on wishing. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Something like a Tesla Sentry mode - with 4 channels or a 360 degree view. Always on with a 12V connection to OBDII or Hardwired. With G-sensor, Motion Detection, Person Detection, Sound Detection.

If 360, could mount like Waysense in the front. If a 4 camera system, then be small enough easily mountable and available as a Group on the Wyze app.

And of course 4K. A price point of $150 would be ideal.



Wyze please consider making a Wyze Dash Cam!!

I also would purchase several dashcams if they had an “offline” option for recording. I would need at least six, so a multipack deal would be great!


They have the tech for it. Give us a sub $30, high quality dash cam.

Hi wyze team please launch whyze dashcam. It will surely be a big big hit. There is a huge gap in the market for reliable dashcam.