Wyze DashCam

Wyze Dash Cam… in the making?

I really enjoy your products… and cause of that, I know that if you decide to create/make a Wyze Dash Cam it would be a top-notch product and it would appeal to many of your current and future customers.

So if I may, I suggest next product: Wyze Dash Cam

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I would snatch up a wyze variant of something like this in a heartbeat!

Limited-time deal: DRIVESLIM Mirror Dash Cam 11" with Detached Front Camera, Waterproof Rear View Mirror Backup Camera for Car, Anti Glare 1080P Smart Mirror with Sony IMX355 Dual Lens, Night Vision, Free GPS& 32GB Card

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Why are you hi-beaming people in front of you? LOL

There’s a YouTube channel on Dash Cam(mers) that after viewing several videos paints drivers with dash cams in an unfavorable light. Some dash cammers antagonize other drivers in order to get a dramatic video out of it. Dash cammers seem to want everyone to know they have a dash cam by literally yelling it out the window. Then there’s the darkest example where a dash cammer clearly has room to brake or avoid a collision but decide to collide with another vehicle. It’s as if the damage and insurance headache is worth giving the investigating officer a video of the avoidable “accident.” Wyze should not even bother with dash cams and figure out a way to make money on their so-called A.I. without having to cripple the detection features on their cameras.

I’m not, you can clearly see where the headlight cut-off line is on the rear of the pickup truck.

That’s like saying that all forum posters use bold text to make a point just because one or two do it. :wink:

FWIW I’ve never yelled out the window that I have dash cams installed so I guess that means no ‘dash cammers’ ever do it.

I agree that Wyse should not include dash cams in their product lineup for the simple reason their products are not reliable enough - and reliability should be the number one criteria for any dash cam, if it’s not recording it’s useless.

100% Agree…Wyze outsources the Hardware and play’s Darts to see what sticks…We the consumer pay 's a price for Beta Testing it products. Nice Business Model Wyze.

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Many YouTube videos have dash-cammers yelling out their windows that they’re “recording this.” It’s hilarious.

Anyways, bold text is a common technique to make a point or four points. In the absence of cadence or intonation it’s normal to use bold or italics or when possible, underlines.

A few doing it on YouTube is a long way from " Dash cammers seem to want everyone to know they have a dash cam by literally yelling it out the window.".

I would not trust Wyze for a Reliable Dash Cam…You only have 1 shot to record the incident. I have ordered Nexar One and it’s Best to have a Company focuses on Dash Cams. You want Toy’s…then you buy Wyze.

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Nerxar is Israeli owned and works with surveillance companies. If you think the Chinese are bad with sneaking into your system, wait to learn about Nexar…

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xaiomi was the ODM for many of wyze developments of hardware. this is old old news.

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Agreed that wyze struggles with focus & inconsistencies at times. This could be a good opportunity to rebrand another manufacturer’s product to be manageable via wyze. Food 4 thought at least.

Although I have yet to try it, I think the wyze cam outdoor might do a good job in a pinch by using travel mode + a dashboard mount kit. Obviously, any dash cam will have to be either store & forward style local recording or attached to some mobile data service. Wyze typically struggles with cloud connectivity moreso than actual device function. I would think this could actually be quite a good opportunity for them to generate some cash flow and tap into an adjacent market… :man_shrugging:t2:

You’re not really fighting my statement. Before you read it again I’ll reword it to help out your retort: “ALL dash cammers WANT to everyone to know they have a dash cam the minute they place it ON THEIR DASH.”

Yeah, now it sounds like a generalizing statement. I added the BOLD free of charge. :slight_smile: Enjoy.

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That statement is categorically incorrect if for no other reason than I have dash cams in multiple vehicles (therefore a member of the group “ALL”) and I do not want people to know they’re there. Beyond that if you bother to go to a dash cam specific site (I recommend www.dashcamtalk.com) you’ll see that high on the list of features many owners want is a stealth installation for the same reason.

The above all said without the use of bolding, italics or underlining - you’re welcome. :smiley:

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DashCamTalk? I mean, nothing proves my point more than literally that website address. That’s awesome. Thanks for reinforcing my point. You’re a good friend.


Obviously you’re making a judgement based on title versus content. Maybe you should try forming opinions based on facts versus biases and actually visit and peruse the site - you could actually learn something.

No need to reply further as what you’ve said already is more than sufficient to show how much insight and knowledge you have of the subject.

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Using the logic presented, Apple should not be making apple tags.


And Tile should not be making their tracking tags either.

I suppose we should say that no Cell phones should be manufactured, as they can be used in bad ways as well.

Many things can be used for good, and for bad purposes.


Hmmmmm… “flame on”