Wyze DashCam

I think all the Russians have dash cams, and produce some of the best and craziest videos. I wish all vehicles would be made with cams, kind of like Tesla (Front/back and sides) .

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I wish Wyze creates affordable dash cams, other dash cam manufactures charge 250$ + for vehicle.

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I got mine at Costco for $75.00 cheap

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Affordable is not relevant when you need a device to record the 1st time…and Wyze’s products are so-so.

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Hello all,
Could you please help us fill out a survey about the dash cam? Many thanks!


Why you need a dash cam: First pic this guy ran the red light, I had green turn arrow to left
Second Pic. Mr. No Stop.
Third pic another light runner, cars in my lane had the green arrow to the left. Cam for this was recording at 1920x1080 60 frames per second as a test. I usually have it set to 2880x2160P at 24 frames per second.


Survey done. :heavy_check_mark:


I would love to see more integration and technology advances in your strong presence in the camera technology in AUTOMOBILE / CARS category, please!

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Is there DashCam in the works

Before I fork out hundreds of dollars for a iffy product; are the Wyzerds working on a prototype?

Hello…We are the Beta Testers,

Hundreds of dollars? Have you met Wyze?


Dashcam Features Needed

I tried the DashCam survey … but it didn’t give me a chance to provide input …
I would love a Wyze DashCam with the following items included :

  • 4K/UHD front cam
    *Full HD Cabin/Rearview … with the right lens provides pretty good coverage out the windows
  • 512 GB sd or larger
  • WIFI to the net (or phone) … I’ve got WIFI in the car, and could connect to house at home (you do this already, so no big deal)
  • Super nite and poor weather video
  • Caps rather than batteries
  • Very high / low temperature rating
  • Parking mode … 15 second buffer holding the video prior to the G-sensor tripping

Who needs something else ??


  • USB voltages and connectors so power packs can be used with vehicle off

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All of the above PLUS AUDIO PLEASE!

AUDIO/SOUND RECORDING (Stereo or Left/Right audio a plus)

Surprisingly, this is a unique and great added feature that can benefit in variety of purposes. Recorded sounds can provide significant impact with the video recordings when evidences are needed to be submitted for legal/claim matters.


Dear, Wyze.

Clearly, you’ve seen the crazy demands for a Wyze Dashcam. It would cost people hundreds of dollars to make them think that they’re invincible… or worse, that they are victims (Road Rage USA & Canada | Bad Drivers, Hit and Run, Brake check, Instant Karma, Car Crash | New 2022 - YouTube). The ugly truth about the automobile business is that automakers will integrate features consumers actually want while making it difficult for features that at best are “niche.” It’s a no-win situation: the price will be too high for most and buyers will decry when the product is discontinued due to low demand.

Send this message to your bean counters if you need a [refreshing] slap in the face.

Best regards.


i don’t know why this isn’t standard on all cars?!?! people get into car accident all the time! that’s why i love my Tesla so much for making it standard and well integrated


I suspect many aggressive drivers - like 95% of Atlanta drivers :laughing: - wouldn’t want insurance companies to have access to that footage following an accident.

I’d be much more willing to consider a Wyze brand device if it had these two features:

  1. No Microphone! Who wants a recording of what they say when they have an accident? Or, more importantly, who wants an SD card full of every private conversation they’ve ever had inside their car with passengers just sitting on their dashboard for anyone to grab?
  2. Name brand or reputable certification on the battery (I don’t want my car to catch on fire because an inexpensive battery got hot in the desert parking lot, for example)

Thanks for considering my opinion.

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I would like to see a wyze dash cam

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New Product: Vehicle Dash Camera / Backup Camera

I think Wyze should create a camera that can be used as a dash cam, and/or a backup camera. Maybe provide a small viewing monitor option for those who don’t want to view on their phones, or don’t have the ability to wire them in to an existing lcd radio they already have.

Should have features like “crash detection” sensing for sudden hits/stops. Continuous loop recording for front and rear cameras. An optional RCA out to connect to an existing vehicle-mounted monitor (such as a radio capable of receiving this signal). Would need to be able to operate 'off line", but have the ability to connect to wifi when available. Also the ability to add a third camera for the back of a trailer, for backing up.

I already use a Wyzecam outdoor to help backup my RV occasionally, but this would be something more specific-purposed than that.