Wyze Cordless Vacuum O-Ring Replacement Help

By any chance has anyone found (and maybe has a link) to an o ring that fits proper in the cordless vacuum?

Replacements are out of stock indefinitely and the vacuum is useless without it since it leaves an open gap in the chamber. My replacement order has been in purgatory over a month.

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Welcome to the community @rka

A colleague of mine lost his O-Ring. He ended up ordering this:

says it worked perfectly for him.


Thanks @spamoni4 , I’ll give it a try

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I’m in the same boat with my replacement o-ring order not being shipped.
Thank you @spamoni4 for the etsy recommendation, I’ll give it a try as well.

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I ordered a couple. I had a question, and the seller/maker responded in minutes and shipped them the next morning. I received them 2 days later. They work perfectly, I highly recommend, And very reasonably priced. Thanks for the tip!

It’s ridiculous that we have to pay for alternatives to a design flaw which makes it easy to lose the gasket in the trash. Wyze really needs to step up and take responsibility of their mistake and provide us with free replacement gaskets and a fix so we don’t lose it again. Seems like every product this company makes has issues.