Wyze Community Survey July/August 2022

I’ll pretend to be more FOCUSED so as not to alert @newshound. :roll_eyes: :wink:

(Rude not to directly respond to a direct question… FOCUS  frog! )

So far I give you a 10 on @antonius 's 0-10 scale and a YES on my binary one. You are doing quite well for someone from… ! :slight_smile:

Did anyone debate the merits if ‘10’ on a 0-10 or ‘yes’ on a binary scale is better?

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-sighs- Well, at least I remembered it wasn’t /wyze.



No taking it twice! Though thanks for being willing to. There will be another later this year with all the fixes from this round. :slightly_smiling_face:


Some of the negative questions really made me think to make sure I was answering accurately.


Nope. Interesting question though. :bulb:

Linked it in the other thread. :slight_smile:

Can you share a surprise you experienced in the results of a previous survey? :slight_smile:

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Nothing was too surprising last time, to be honest. We had a lot of validation for things we thought would come through. I think the biggest surprise was how few people filled it out from specific platforms. Core had WAY more data than the rest so segmentation was super necessary to look at the sentiments from other areas.