Wyze Community Guidelines

Welcome to Wyze Communities - Powered by You

This is a place for all Wyze community members to connect, share, and learn from others. Please treat the forums with the same respect you would a public park. These rules are intended to aid the human judgment of our community and keep this a clean and well-lighted place for engaging discussions.

Improve the Discussion

One way to improve the discussion is by discovering ones that are already happening. Spend time browsing the topics here before replying or starting your own, and you’ll have a better chance of meeting others who share your interests.

The topics discussed here matter to us, and we want you to act as if they matter to you, too. Be respectful of the topics and the people discussing them, even if you disagree with some of what is being said.

Your Participation Counts

The conversations we have here set the tone for every new arrival. Help us influence the future of this community by choosing to engage in discussions that make this forum an interesting place to be — and avoiding those that do not.

We provide tools that enable the community to collectively identify the best (and worst) contributions: bookmarks, likes, flags, replies, edits, and so forth. Use these tools to improve your own experience, and everyone else’s, too.

Let’s leave our community better than we found it.

Sometimes We Disagree And That's Okay

Sometimes we will disagree on topics. You may even think that the other person is outright wrong! That’s just part of being human talking to other humans. But when you respond, remember to criticize ideas, not people . Please avoid:

  • Name-calling
  • Ad hominem attacks (personal attacks instead of discussing content of a post)
  • Responding to a post’s tone instead of its actual content
  • Knee-jerk contradiction

Instead, provide reasoned counter-arguments that focus on the ideas instead of the person. If someone has something negative to say about Wyze or our products, there’s likely a reason for that. Just tag in a mod or admin to make sure that the feedback goes where it needs to and we have an opportunity to consider and respond to what they’re saying.

Keep It Tidy

Make the effort to put things in the right place, so that we can spend more time discussing and less cleaning up. So:

  • Keep posts relevant to Wyze.
  • Do not post political rhetoric.
  • Don’t start a topic in the wrong category.
  • Don’t cross-post the same thing in multiple topics.
  • Don’t post no-content replies.
  • Don’t divert a topic by changing it midstream.
  • Don’t sign your posts — every post has your profile information attached to it.
  • Respect our forum. Don’t post spam or otherwise vandalize the forum.
  • You may post links to third party products if they are relevant to an ongoing discussion. Do not post links to third party products simply to promote or sell them.

Rather than posting “+1” or “Agreed”, use the Like button. Rather than taking an existing topic in a radically different direction, use Reply as a Linked Topic.

If You See a Problem, Flag It

Moderators have special authority; they are responsible for this forum. But so are you. With your help, moderators can be community facilitators, not just janitors or police.

When you see bad behavior, don’t reply. It encourages the bad behavior by acknowledging it, consumes your energy, and wastes everyone’s time. Just flag it. If enough flags accrue, action will be taken, either automatically or by moderator intervention.

In order to maintain our community, moderators reserve the right to remove any content and any user account for any reason at any time. The moderators and site operators take no responsibility for any content posted by the community.

If You Want A Mod Response, Flag It

We use flags a little bit differently here. Instead of only using flags to report negative behavior, we also use them to flag areas where you want a mod response. This can be for a question many people have, if you want confirmation for something you or someone else has said, or if you are concerned that something is about to get heated and you want mods to be aware in advance.

If you run into a case like this, flag a post and use the “Something Else” option for the explanation. Please explain why you’re tagging a mod and what you want them to pay attention to. It’s the easiest way to make sure that you get a quick and effective response. This forum is community-driven but we still want to lend a hand where it’s needed.

Always Be Civil

Nothing sabotages a healthy conversation like rudeness:

  • Be civil. Don’t post anything that a reasonable person would consider offensive, abusive, condescending, advocating for violence, or hate speech.
  • Keep it clean. Don’t post any swear words, obscene descriptions, or sexually explicit material. This is a family friendly area.
  • Respect each other. Don’t harass or grief anyone, impersonate people, or expose their private information. This includes forum Mavens, Moderators, and Wyze employees.

This is a public forum, and search engines index these discussions. Keep the language, links, and images safe for family and friends.

Post Only Your Own Stuff

You may not post anything digital that belongs to someone else without permission. You may not post descriptions of, links to, or methods for stealing someone’s intellectual property (software, video, audio, images), or for breaking any other law.

Wyze Staff

This site is operated by your friendly Wyze Team members, volunteer Wyze Moderators, and you, the community. If you have any further questions or feedback about how things should work here, please use our feedback thread! If there’s a critical or urgent issue that can’t be handled by a meta topic or flag, contact us by making a Support Request.

Note: These guidelines apply to all areas of the community, including private Messages.

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