Wyze Climate Sensor v2

I am happy to see the Wyze Climate Sensors are being released but sad to say it missed the mark. The temperature alert range needs to allow settings that go below freezing. I have used a now defunct competitor’s sensors to monitors freezers and refrigerators for years. Not only is it great peace of mind for anyone that worries about food spoilage when a door has been left open at home but it is also an essential tool for anyone if the food business. You could be selling millions of these if they could monitor temperatures found in freezers and marketed them to restaurants. Just be sure to have the app provide a historical graph that can be shown to health inspectors.

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Excellent suggestion about freezers and Foodservice, especially the graphing and Health inspectors.
As someone with years in the industry I totally agree with that. A record would be of great use at inspection time. They always do seem to show up the day the refrigeration goes on the blink!

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The specs on the climate sensor mention “Detection Temperature Range: 0°-60°C”

if I put one of these sensors inside my freezer, and set it to alarm if the temperature rises above 5°C, could this serve as a alarm for freezer failure or leaving the door open on the freezer?

I think freezers and refrigerators sometimes block radio frequency signals due to the materials they are made from, so not sure if it would work through.

Just wondering if anyone had thoughts about using this inside freezer?

Two thoughts: first, I agree that the metal in them will probably block the signal. Second, the batteries probably won’t last in the cold temperatures. Need something with a probe to go inside.


New Climate Sensor version with a wired temp probe for monitoring a freezer

Adding a wired temperature sensor probe to the Wyze climate sensor would allow it to be used to monitor locations where the climate sensor itself cannot be placed, such as freezers and refrigerators as well as high humidity environments such as a terrarium. This would make the hygrometer useless, of course, so it could be removed from this version. Given the temp range alerts and data logging of the current Wyze Climate Sensor, it would be perfect for monitoring a refrigerator or freezer if only it had a wired temp probe. The current solution for this is to buy a similar device that has a temperature display (these cost $5 to 25) and put a Wyze cam pointed at it, but this solution does not have data logging or alert capabilities. I go on long trips and have someone watch my home, and such a device would be helpful for catching those unfortunate times when the fridge or freezer goes out while I’m away (and a call to my neighbor can save some or all that food from spoiling). Some people might want to use it on a freezer that is not often opened because it is in a shed, garage, or basement.

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