Wyze Chime ability to ring remotely at different location

I just saw your announcement about the standalone Wyze chime. As I understand it this allows you to have multiple chimes so you can hear your doorbell in different areas of your house.

I have another thought on how to use this. I would like this remote chime to work across the internet.

I have a second house. (Note: The national association of home builders estimates there are 7.4 million second homes in the US: Nation’s Stock of Second Homes | Eye On Housing ). I would like to be able to hear a chime in my primary home when someone rings the doorbell in my second home and vice versa. I imagine that there are some business situations where a remote chime would also be useful.

It might also be useful to ring a remote chime in response to the wyze monitoring system.

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this would be nice but not sure it would be possible sine the chime is connected/paired directly with the doorbell.

Right, it’s not possible now. That is why its a feature request for the development team.

the chime has to be paired to something, I doubt it will ever be possible to work standalone, I don’t think it has a wifi chip, probably would require a new upgraded device.

I think I did see that it might be possible to be paired to HMS in the future.