Wyze Car Setup Video

Anyone know where the wyze car setup video is located? The link doesn’t exist.

I haven’t seen one published yet. There is instructions included with the car and in the app.

I managed to put the car together from the instruction booklet. Now the Wyze car app is updating the camera. Seems to be stuck at 100% updating.

Forgot to turn on the camera. Everything is good. Lots of fun!


I’m glad you got it working!
Enjoy your car! :grinning:

Link is broken for Setup vid, etc… Says “Our Bad, blah, blah…” No reference in the Wyze App for Adding Device that is a “Car”? Am I missing something?

Yes, the link is broken for the Setup video. You have to download the Wyze Car app. In this app is the where you add the the camera for the Wyze car to use.

I hope I am answering your question.

You did and I am!! It seemed like that was the direction this was all heading… Thanks for the quick support! Updating now!

Wyze Car bricked my wyze cam black

I assume you have tried to delete the device in the Wyze app and re-add it again.

@stjohnduane: I had the same problem. Check this thread for how it was fixed.