Wyze Car is so much fun

Just wanted to thank the Wyze team for delivering the Car on time for my birthday.
Lots of fun with my little one and my dog :slight_smile:


Looking forward to getting mine in a couple of days.

I tried setting up a black V2 camera and bricked it. :frowning_face: I think the problem may have been it was loaded with a beta version of the firmware.

I was able to get the camera working again and loaded an older firmware version. Now I’ll wait until I get the car and start again.

How long did it take for the Wyze car app to update the camera? Seems to be stuck on 100%.

It took me about 3 minutes and the new FW version is

I guess it would help if I turned on the camera. Duh! Everything good. Thanks!


How did you get it working again? My camera flashed to 100%, then I received a failed message and to retry. The camera now stays yellow, I can’t retry and holding the setup button to reset the camera isn’t working either.

Can’t flash the firmware either.

At this point I have a dead camera… sigh.

Have you tried flashing the firmware? There’s a very good chance it will fix the camera.

I unplugged the camera and took it off of the Wyze car.
Plugged the camera into the wall outlet.
Opened my iPhone Wyze app and noticed the camera was turned off.
I turned on the camera.
Opened the Wyze Car app.
Select the camera and it reinstalled the update for use with the Wyze car.

After the FW update failed in the Wyze Car App, the camera would not come back online. Like yours, the light stayed yellow. I couldn’t even get it to manually reset it. I think it failed because I had a beta version of the firmware installed.

I went through the process of manually reloading an older version of the production firmware. I followed the same instructions that @Brlepage notes above. I even watched a video by @WyzeGwendolyn from 3 years ago. :smiley:

I had a couple of false starts, but was able to install the prod FW and then the Wyze Car FW update worked,

So, don’t give up on that camera yet.

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Just got my wyze car. I wish it had more power because its slow and struggles to drive on grass. But one super cool thing is that it works with a hotspot! I attach my phone to the wyze car and turn on the phone’s hotspot. Then I controlled the wyze car with my ipad. I was able to drive the car around my whole neighborhood from the couch! Limitless range and the battery did much better than I expected. I drove the wyze car over a mile and it only used 1/4 of the battery. Pretty cool!


Not sure what Wyze the Company is pelting it’s goods to. If your into designing Security Products then make products that Work…Watch’s sinks…Look at the complaints on it’s products…Enjoy the Car.

Awesome thing to know. I was afraid of driving mine too far where I couldn’t catch someone steeling it or running it over. I wish there was a slow “Extra torque mode” for hills or sticks. It needs some more umph when it starts moving. One idea is to attach a cam pan to the extra usb port and have someone else control that camera.


My didn’t make it but 4 ft into the grass before it couldn’t move. I doubt it’s “limitless” on distance, lol. While it seems kinda cheap and doesn’t have the granular turning (from my limited use that I could tell), it is oddly fun. I call it my ground drone.

Im charging the battery up fully and going to give it a better test later.

EDIT: OH I see what you did and why the distance would be limitless with the hot spot. Didn’t think about that. That is cool.


It works a lot better fully charged. It is so… top heavy.

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I wish it had torque. lol. Got hung up on a bump on the sidewalk.


It is great for going down the driveway to honk at the mail man and bringing someone a cup of coffee. :sweat_smile:

I can see other uses:

  1. Check to see if there are oil leaks under your truck
  2. Look in your craw space or attic (floored) for critters
  3. Find a yellow jacket nest
  4. Go on a mission to see rodents at night
  5. Play with your pets

Maybe if it was just 2 wheel drive, it would work better. 4x4 is useless without torque


Glad you got yours. It looks like mine is driving itself from California to South Florida. Stopping at the tesla stations to recharge. When I order from Amazon, Wyze stuff (If they have it) gets here the next day. When I order from Wyze, well, who knows. Not complaining, just commenting I know what I get into when I order something from wyze.
Happy Birthday.


I have attempted to Flash the firmware on the camera to no avail. Wyze says the camera is toast but because I bought it in 2018 they can’t do anything for me.

I’m looking into returning the car. No way I am taking the chance with another camera so it can end up in a bricked state and get nothing from Wyze for their terrible update process.

Probably the last straw with Wyze at this point. I wasn’t expecting top end stuff but I certainly expected them to stand behind their products. A company that pushed out a firmware update that bricked its products would never be allowed to say “sorry, your product is too old”. Basically they broke my camera and won’t do anything about it.

It’s a drag because I wanted to continue to be a fan of Wyze.

Same issues here, I didn’t even try support. Just working on flashing to see what can be done, I am fairly sure it was the beta firmware on my v2 cams as well. Funny but I would think that someone would have tried this using a beta v2 before the mass firmware push out… wait they don’t do testing first. We are the testing crew.