Wyze car giveaway contest - 4/1/21

I’m made it to check out 2 times, the first time I was being charged shipping of $8.90 and the 2nd go around they were charging $37.98 for shipping. Whats up with that?

Btw… Check out failed both times


Smart Car


I was counting down with 1 second

Wait…did you get a Wyze car ?

OK, WTF is going on with this deal? I know it’s limited stock, but this is crazy.

I was waiting for the initial launch at 8:00 PST. A little late, but there it was. I put a car in my cart, and at the time, it said shipping was FREE. Car shows in my cart, but now shows shipping of $5.99 (maybe $7.99). Anyway, I’m going to purchase and worry about that later. Then the site starts crashing like crazy. There one minute, “down for maintenance” the next. Finally back in the shopping cart, and it tells me my address is invalid (I’ve ordered a ton of Wyze products and never had that issue). Finally it seems OK with my address, but it will never send me to PayPal to make payment. And, of course, finally it says my item is out of stock.

Round two, 9:00 PST. Car still in my cart, and still out of stock. But now it says shipping is $17.99. Still, I try to check out. Nothing but spinning wheels, and… out of stock. Also had the timer immediately reset to round 3 for a while.

If this is “fun” for your customers, I don’t want to know what isn’t fun!

Hopefully things get sorted out in the upcoming rounds!!!


We have multiple thousand people refreshing the site at the top of the hour so they are legitimately selling very quickly! I don’t know how many would be bots but I know real customers are in there. :slight_smile:

The shipping thing was a mistake. There was always supposed to be shipping and we fixed that. However, if you purchased when the site and app still said free shipping and were charged, please reach out to customer support so we can take care of you. :slight_smile:

Wyze Customer Support


Nope, check out failed on the first round… it was stuck at processing payment. And on the 2nd round they were charging me 38 bucks for shipping and I cancelled it at that point.

Rovnavica Mk1


So what is U.S. shipping supposed to be?

Wow! Hopefully I can snag one throughout the day! :smiley:

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Been trying since 8 o’clock. getting sick of this [MOD EDIT].

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ToadyMobile because our dog is named Totoro , Toady is nick name!


That’s good to know about the shipping issue… a little late but … thanks. I’ll be trying again.

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not sure. im trying to get it in my cart

Are you saying …500 hundred Wyze Car is sold in 5 seconds ?

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I got one, Added it o cart and keep hitting proceed to check out! got it on the second round! first round it kept buffering and wouldnt accept payment! shipping went from 5.99 to 17.99! WTH?

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Sorry, meant to reply to WyzeGwendolyn.

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Yup. They are selling SUPER quickly. We’re really excited about how popular this is! :grin:


The crashing of the shop is a good tell tale sign of unregulated bots flooding in and snagging up a finite launch of a product they know is going to be in demand. It feels more like a publicity stunt to get consumers into the shop to sell merchandise. Im not stating this to be rude or put the company down, Its just how the experience feels compared with stunts pulled by plenty of brands to bring attention to there products. It’s nice on your part for trying to build something and release it you feel would be a good thing to make for people and yourselves but in execution the way its been handled is going to leave more displeased customers and there view and support for the company than it will the few possitive that get it with a very, very, very small amount easily aquired by a few bot users. Look at how easily they blocked a $400 to $500 console accross the world. Now think how a $50 + Shipping and handling come to find out AFTER RELEASING THE PRODUCT TO MARKET, after the attention has been grabbed giving a false sense of a bargain, on top of not even shipping till may. This doesnt look or feel good from a consumer stand point and looks more like an atempt to get people into the shop to hopefully get impulse buys. I do have to say your team did a good job with trying to make a good, entertaining and fun product many would like and enjoy, and had only the best ententions, but 5000 isnt alot when you consider the amount of people that would want one. For the servers not be able to handle the traffic with that low of qauntity is something that puts up a red flag that propper preparations were neglected or the demand for such a product was vastly underestimated which for a company like wyze should not be overlooking. Nice attempt but alot are going to be unpleased with the results in this technological age seeing something like this only available to less than a fraction of 1% of the markets consumers. Best wishes for everyone there and good job on making something cool looking and probably good qaulity but we all really wont know except maybe 5,000 people(less in reality if people are able to buy multiple making it even more in demand sadly) and tens, hudreds of thousands, to millions of displeased customers or potential customers.

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