Wyze Car? For real?

Unless the “concealed remote” was a hidden interface as an easter egg inside the existing app. Which would be cool.

More comparable to
Scout: The Tiny AI-powered Autonomous Mobile Robot for home by Pilot Labs — Kickstarter

Wyze Guys announcing a Wyze Car on April Fool’s Day?

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Well apparently it’s real. Alrighty then.

All the tech specs are up, if you know the link (I guessed correctly).

Yes lots more silly discussion and actual links at

The page was just there! Now they’re toying with my emotions… :rofl:

My name is Johnny and I got a prawblem…

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I guess thats why they call it a community maybe?

Looks like the joke is on me! I patiently waited, set an alarm for the next opportunity. I clicked the button immediately, and it’s out of stock. I’ve now wasted an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out if this is real, seeing teasers that it might be, waiting for the ordering to open again, just to be hit with the out of stock. So what was the point of the countdown?! I’m done. I’m here for technology, not stupid time wasting games. Hope it was worth the laugh, I’m off to research other cameras.

Edit: I tried again. It still said there were 216 cameras left from this block of 5,000. I hit order, I get an out of stock error.


I think we broke the website…


Lol was anyone able to order one?

I was trying to order again since I am afraid that my snuck in order might get cancelled. It took multiple tries just to get it in the cart.

I was finally able to get my order to go through and it looks like it actually succeeded. We’ll see what happens.

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Make sure you go to the ‘Shop’ page; even though they said it’s on ‘wyze.com’, it’s one page down. Also, adding it to the shopping cart knocked the two items I previously had out of the cart. No big deal, just an FYI.

I think it broke, I have two items in the cart and clicked pay and I just have a spinning marker for the last five minutes. I was also going to order the keypad for the lock.

Didn’t it say Free Shipping when purchasing the car? Looks like it’s still charging $5.99…

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SAme here… Not happy with he 216 and one in cart I cannot purchase because maintenance page keeps coming up… Not Happy!!!

I have screenshots too… This is not right!

Checkout window keeps stuck there… {few min later} Finally now it says out of stock… but I had it when it WAS in stock, Not happy! lol

I had the same issue, then I tired Amazon pay, that worked for me

Just wait, It will complete eventually.

And while I was adding the previous items they had previously knocked out, they updated my shopping cart and marked the car as ‘no longer in stock’. Thanks guys. Sigh…