Wyze Car doesn't drive in "Travel Mode"

Yep mine turns better one way than the other too. It’s fun when it doesn’t disconnect from my WiFi but that’s not that much of the time. It’s kinda garbage. We’ll see what they can fix

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It was fun for 5 minutes. At least I got a USB battery pack for my all my money. I can use it for other things, rather than just heaping it all into the trash as a waste.

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Same problems here. 800ms over WiFi and will not drive in travel mode.

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Same problems, can connect to Travel Mode, with horn, light, but no forward or backward movement. Full battery pack charge, IOS.

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Same issue here
Hopefully they fix it soon

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I have the same problems in travel mode and I use the latest ios. My front wheels sound like they struggle to turn (if at all). They turn better while in motion. I believe the motors and turning servo lack power to do the job. Can this be fixed with an app update? @WyzeTeam ?

I supposed if we had all wanted a “proven” working car, we would have ordered a different one from Amazon. As it was, we all ordered this one from Wyze, knowing it is a first-edition, right-from-the-factory, potentially buggy device. The concept was good, using a proven camera, integrating with a mobile platform, to get something “fun”. It just has a few “bugs”. Unless Wyze plans on marketing these further, I’m not sure how much tech support these are going to get.
That said, I would hope they fix the “travel mode” issue, and look at the latency issue for the video. I have very little latency with the actual drive mechanism, but with the video lagging (and I’m guessing much more than 800 ms on my network), it’s too easy to drive into things before I ever see them (much like real people in real cars on I-5). If I lived in the desert, it could almost make me feel like I’m driving the Mars Rover!

For all still following this, looks like Wyze issued an updated Wyze Car app for iOS yesterday (Monday).

Looks like they fixed the Travel Mode. Works well, too. I was able to drive all around my house without losing connection, or even a stutter.

Agree. Travel mode works great on my iPhone now. Completely missed the “copy and set” prompt on the Wyze Car app the first time around.

But thanks to folks here for saying we had to “copy” it from the Wyze car app, I was soon up and running.

I just had the password problem in Travel mode. I think it may be an intermittent issue, because when I cancelled and tried again it connected without asking for a password. I reported it.

Also, everyone make sure Drive Mode is set to Sport! ECO is WAY underpowered ATM. I reported that too.

EDIT: I just found the tiny words “Copy the password and set” at the bottom of the Instructions to go to the network control panel to switch to the car’s network to enter Travel mode. Press those words, and the app will take you there and enter the password for you in the background. Interestingly, without noticing those words I was still successful by going to the network control panel manually, selecting the car’s network, and trying twice to get in. Added that they should make these words far more prominent on that instructional page.

@ShortBus I’d take just the car if you are looking to dump it… just want the electronics from it.