Wyze Cams - What MATTER(s)

This is likely to get me in trouble. I am not trying to start something. And I am not complaining. I am just trying to start a conversation about something before it becomes an issue for us.

I try to listen to the YT videos of several Smart Home advisors. One that I find is right on the money almost every time is Brian of Automate Your Life. One of his most recent videos. Briefly states that the Wyze cameras will not support the MATTER standard. I have not heard if this is a decision that Wyze made or the hardware/firmware simply will not work.

I don’t yet understand how this will affect me for the 12+ Wyze V2/V3 cameras that I use. But it looks like the future for IoT items is MATTER is the future.

Someone mentioned there’s an expensive license to use MATTER and some companies may not be able to pay those fees. Could be accurate.

I don’t think Wyze would whither and die on the vine. So, I would predict Wyze will soon or relatively soon announce a Wyze Cam V4. I hope so. I like their products. I want to keep using them. But I am cautious, because its my money I am spending.

Welcome a discussion. And I am not critical of Wyze. I do want the best for the company.

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I guarantee you’re not getting in any trouble for this kind of thread. This kind of discussion is very welcome, and beneficial IMO, especially when it’s an honest discussion like this.

I like Brian too. :slight_smile:

This is partially a misunderstanding about Matter…I’ll explain in a moment. First, if you haven’t done so yet, read this thread, starting here:

And read all the comments made by WyzeFrederik through the rest of that thread so that you have an understanding of where Wyze is at on the Matter initiative. He is Wyze’s POC on the Matter initiative.

This is true. It is a proprietary standard with an opensource repository, but the specification is licensed by the CSA so you have to pay to play. Become a Member | The Future of IOT - CSA-IOT
Pay to Play Cost Summary:

Some relevant quotes from WyzeFrederik about Matter are as follows:

Regarding Cameras with Matter:

This echos what Brian from automate your life said about Matter Version 1.0:

So it’s not really that “WYZE CAMS” Aren’t supported, but at the moment, NO CAMS are supported in version 1.

It’s possible Wyze cams could be in the future, but don’t count on it for the V2’s since they have such limited resources. Maybe the V3’s (depending on what is developed by the alliance…nobody knows yet because it doesn’t exist for cams) and probably future cams should support it though. Here is some relevant discussion on that:

Basically, we probably have to wait for Matter to develop a little further first. Perhaps we’ll get lucky and @WyzeFrederik will give an update, but I am guessing he doesn’t have much to add to what he’s already said until later this year after the version 1 launches and we see how that goes. As for cameras, I doubt he can say anything about that until the Alliance develops the possibility for cameras to work with Matter. Since that doesn’t exist with 1.0, it’s almost pointless to discuss how it relates to cams at this point since nobody has a clue yet.

I hope that helps answer some questions at least :+1: I am very interested in and following up on this too.


@carverofchoice, Carver, In least amount of words and do not adequately express, - thank you very much for the help with my initial and with an explanation. Hope, nuff said. Acknowledge you invested a lot of energy into that explanation too.


Aww, thanks, this what us volunteers are here for to help with, and I appreciate the gratitude. :+1: It is good to know when people appreciate it.


Great topic and conversation. :+1:

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Thank you. For what its worth, it was a coin toss between Cams and Integration. Cams won, because I was thinking I wasn’t talking about all their products, just cams.


As Matter gets closer to a mature state, more users will share the same concerns as you bring to this topic. Again, good stuff! thumbsup2


Heck, it’s already your personal highest rated topic:


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Don’t be surprised if that number goes up dramatically by the end of the year After Matter 1.0 is officially launched and this subject is on lots of people’s minds like Seapup said. You made a good post. Far from “getting in trouble.”


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Wyze’s VP of Product just posted a lot of New Info related to Matter in the latest Wyze AMA. You can read a summary here:

Here are some of the best excepts that apply here:

There are also several other comments which are indirectly talking about his strategies, many of which will be involving things like Matter in some way, so I highly recommend reviewing everything he said.

But in general, he confirmed that MATTER is “super strategic” for Wyze that they will “continue to invest in MATTER” and they will be participating in the group developing the camera category for MATTER, as well as confirming that their first MATTER supported device will be released in just a few months. Also, it sound like it is unlikely that current devices will have the resource minimums (flash memory and RAM) to qualify for MATTER.


As a user that is going through the Insteon debacle, I’m going to state that I’m not sure how much additional items I’m willing to invest in a closed loop system again. I’ve been doing this since the days of X10 and Radio Shack so I’ve seen a few come and go. Insteon bit the hardest and the new model they are forcing is not sitting well with me.
Just some insights that I’m sure we have all thought about but putting it here for not only Wyze to see but others that follow these types of items.