Wyze cams on Mesh wifi sytems

Anyone use Wyze with the Gryphon Secure Mesh Routerr?

Linksys Velop AC6600 (WHWO3), 3 Node system in a 2000 square foot home. (3 node system was on sale, cheaper than 2 node system.) We have 9 V2’s, 2 WCO’s, 5 contacts, 3 sensors, 11 bulbs and 4 smart plugs. Not to mention all the other smart things we have. Linksys App shows 58 active devices connected right now. And it all works. It works great! No complaints.

Interesting. I have a 3 node Netgear Orbi mesh network. 2 WyzeCam V2’s and 1 WyzeCam Pan, 2 Wyze Switches and a bunch of other stuff on the network. I think I have 32 devices that are on network now.

Everything worked fine for a few months, then the cameras started having problems dropping out or losing connection. I usually have the 3 cameras running on an iPad in my office, so I know when someones at the door, etc.

Had some discussion with Wyze tech support on this, but no real solution yet. They still drop itermittantly. Sometimes they reconnect on their own. Would love for them to be as stable as they were originally.

Just installed Linksys Velop AX4200 WiFi 6 Mesh System 2-Pack from Costco,
Item 1493510, Model MX8400C. I kept my old router name and password so that I wouldn’t have to reconnect my Wyze cams and other smart home items to the new network if I had decided to change the network name. This thread was very helpful in my choice of purchasing my Mesh Network. I’ll update if any issues arise but I am running five(5) V2 Wyze Cam and the three(3) of the Pan Cam’s and I am having no issues as of now.

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I have two cameras on a TP-Link Deco M9 Plus mesh system. No problems, even with ~60 IoT devices. (Mostly light switches, bulbs, and smart plugs, some thermometers).

Linksys EA9300 + 2 Netgear EX3700 + 1 Linksys RE9000. Router and extenders are connected to each other on 5Ghz backhaul.
Running 83 devices on the network with 0 issues.

Having the same issue. I just upgraded my old router with a Nest Wifi unit. My Wyze Cams get the “Can not find specified network name” error.

So I was trying out TP LINK Deco S4 mesh system for my house…single story around 2500 sq ft.

I was running 4 V3’s outside and 2 inside

Never could get them all to be connected at the same time and they went in and out.

I just bought a middle of the road Netgear nighthawk ($229) today and tried that out.

I literally cannot believe the night and day difference. All the cams connect super fast and stay connected flawlessly.

It’s amazing.

Why does it make so much of a difference? It’s not like the Wyze cams use the WiFi 6 protocol.

I feel like I probably just picked the wrong mesh system. Perhaps google or nest would have worked better.

I’ve been using the Ubiquiti UniFi Mesh system since 2017. About 4,200 SF on 3 floors, and no issues with only 2 APs.

I use Netgear Orbi’s and have had no issues

I guess I literally just pick the one (TP Link Deco) that seems to have issues with wyze. Go figure. But I’m happy with the Nighthawk router now.

My Wyze Cam Outdoor Base had been working fine for 4 months, but suddenly went offline. I am unable to get it to work on Synology wi-fi, despite two warranty replacements. The set-up works fine, including identifying the wi-fi network, but when I pull the plug, it never connects to wi-fi; stick the Ethernet cable back in, and it works fine (but it needs to be far from any Ethernet cables).

Every time I try to set the wi-fi network, tapping Save produces “failed.”

Support is unable to help. The mesh is set to SmartConnect (a single SSID for both 2.4 and 5GHz networks), but I had the same problem when I turned that off. Could the problem be caused by any of these options?

U-APSD (off)
Allow auto-switch to DFS channels
AP isolation (off)
Disable SmartConnect for devices not supporting 802.11v

Any insight?

I’m trying to connect wyze cams (v2 & latest version) to Alien Amplifi via a separately named 2.4 Ghz network and it always times out after “QR Code Scanned” did yours work out of the box? I’m having the same issue with my hubitat so suspect it is some issue with the Alien settings. Anything you can share?

But if your Wi-Fi name (SSID) has a space in it…your WyzeCam Outdoor bridge might not connect.

no space…