Wyze Cams Can't Maintain Connection After Switching to Ubiquiti AmpliFi Alien

TL;DR: Is there some weird compatibility issue with Wyze cameras and Ubiquiti’s AP’s? Before I go super crazy trying to troubleshoot this, I’m hoping to gain some experience from others in the community about this. Some basic details:

  • Wyze v2 Cams Firmware
  • Wyze Doorbell Firmware
  • Ubiquiti AmpliFi Alien Router Software Version 3.5.2 revision 78-0-g172cd9b827

Long Version: For some time now I’ve been successfully running a handful of Wyze Cam v2’s and a Wyze Doorbell on my WiFi network powered by Comcast’s/Xfinity’s xFi Gateway 3rd Gen (XB7) gateway. I did not have a special setup with vlans etc.; just a basically out of box configuration. Up until yesterday evening, everything has been working fine.

However, because the quality of the WiFi signal wasn’t great in certain areas, I’ve been wanting to switch to a different WiFi solution. I’ve been looking at some UniFi WiFi 6 AP’s to complement the UDM Pro that’s on it’s way, but since stock has been out for quite some time, I decided to settle on Ubiquiti’s AmpliFi Alien router. I installed the Alien yesterday evening and although WiFi is working, I’m now having trouble with all of my Wyze cameras.

For starters, within the Wyze app most of the camera’s cycle between being online & offline. When they’re online it takes a really long time to actually display the feed stalling at each step for several seconds. I wasn’t seeing or experiencing this on Comcast’s/Xtinify’s hardware.

Also, I’ve been using tinycampro on a Chromecast with Google TV with great success: Live feeds of the Wyze cams load quickly and are cycling through without issue. After installing the Alien, virtually none of the camera’s display within tinycampro and they almost always show up as either:

  • P2P camera offline
  • P2P failed to start session (AV_ER_IOTC_CHANNEL_IN_USED)

Again, on Comcast’s/Xfinity’s hardware, everything has been working fine for quite some time. As soon as I switched to the Ubiquiti AmpliFi Alien yesterday, I ran into these issues.

I’m going to reposition the Alien later today to see if that helps, but before I go any further I figured I would try to solicit feedback from the community.