Wyze cameras no longer work with Alexa

I have an Echo Show and 2 Fire TVs, the Wyze cameras I have worked fine with Alexa until today.

Alexa with works with a non-Wyze cam I have and the Wyze camera live feed is available thru my android phone app.

It stopped working before I did the latest firmware upgrade and still did not work after doing the latest upgrade.

These cameras are useless to me unless they work thru Alexa because I only use an old android phone on wifi to do the initial setup and upgrades, my regular phone is a windows phone.

So if I can’t view the live Wyze camera feeds on my Echo Show or Fire TVs then I might as well pack them away and start looking for other cameras.

Anyone else having this problem ?

Like I said. it worked fine thru Alexa until today so if something was changed they need to change it back.

I already tried the normal stuff to try, I disabled and re-enabled the Wyze Skill for Alexa, then I also tried rebooting both cameras, but since the live feed is available thru the android app it must be something else. It is not Alexa as I can access a non-Wyze camera I have using Alexa.

I really liked these cameras, but not if I have to troubleshoot stuff every few weeks.

Any help is appreciated !!!

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Same problem. Sounds like a server problem. Hopefully Wyze sees this soon.

Thanks, hopefully this won’t be a frequently recurring server problem.

Did you check your Password, the new app needs 8 or more characters. After which you need to go into the Alexa app and disable and enable the Wyze skill again with the new PW.

Thanks for the suggestion but my password is 8 or more characters.

I was waiting to post this to make sure it was still working all day, but I once again can access my Wyze cameras with Alexa on my Echo Show. So whatever the problem was yesterday that me and others were having must have been resolved, someone on the thread thought it may have been a server problem,

If you can logout and in on your Alexa app also with your Wyze app and view cams too with both of their account names and PWs.
Then IMO the problem has to do with the integration in the Alexa app.
Some users have more than one Amazon and Wyze account (spouses) and mix them up.

Once I lost my Wzse cam login to this forum and changed my PW on the Web browser.
The Alexa/Wyze integration ran for a while then suddenly lost its ability to open and view the cams on my Fire TV/Cube.

Thanks but we keep it all on one account to avoid confusion, but like I said it’s working again today without me having to do anything, so maybe it was a problem with their servers.

Here is another thread relating to this - https://forums.wyzecam.com/t/alexa-show-not-working/9133/30