Wyze cameras keep connecting and disconnecting randomly

The past 6 months my five WYZE cameras have been disconnecting and reconnecting randomly…
I have a mix of V2s and V3s along with pan cams.

It wasn’t always this way it only started to occur the past few months. What happens is some cameras will come back online other cameras will stubbornly refused to come back online no matter what is tried… this includes:
-Powering down and rebooting router and cameras

  • reinstalling memory cards
  • resetting Network on Android phone
  • attempting to reset up cameras that currently won’t reconnect including sitting literally right next to a router.
  • moving cameras that arent connecting right next to a router
  • clearing cache on wyze Android application

These random disconnect and reconnect problems often result with one camera not working one day then working a few days later than failing again another day later than another set of cameras failing and some other camera failing to reconnect some other time.
All other devices in my home such as handheld phones laptops and anything else that needs a Wi-Fi connection have been Rock Solid.
The wyze cameras were good for literally for months and then a few months ago one of the Wyzes updates broke all the cameras?

If anybody has any other ideas of things to try afeel free to let me know.
Like I said all other devices on my wifi network such as cell phones laptops and other Wi-Fi devices and remain connected rock-solid only the wyze cameras become extremely unreliable recently.
I’ve Got a Sinking Feeling in the pit of my stomach wyze is just junk and they throw up patches without any regard of what those patches may do to their cameras.
I used to praise wyze cameras now I would never, never ever recommend them to anyone… especially since now wise has drastically increased the prices and all their cameras are looking for other ways to pump money out of customers…
That’s fine but your cameras need to be reliable.

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Have you tried installing an older firmware version? I was having a lot of issues, especially with one V3. I loaded the RTSP firmware on all my cameras, which is an older version than production, and my problem went away.

Sadly I have noticed the same issue with cameras disconnecting at random. It’s happened to me on multiple occasions when I have been on vacation. That’s not good from my perspective.

I was considering going all in on Wyze products (cameras, sensors, plugs, lights…), but now I am wondering if a different path such as Apple HomeKit compatible devices would be a better route for me. I’d rather pay more up front for devices that work reliably than wonder if they will working when I need them to.

Do you have other devices on the 2.4 GHz band of your router that work fine?

I had to replace my sister’s router a while back because her 2.4 GHz band became intermittent. Her phone, etc on the 5 GHz band had no issues.

Yes that’s what I said twice? my network has several things running on that on the 2.4 and they are Rock Solid stable… only wyze cameras are unstable.

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I have no idea how you would install older firmware on Wyze cameras… besides even if I did Weis would come along and forced one of their broken patches on the cameras all over again?

You’re right I’m very disappointed in Wyze. I used to tell people about Wyze. Now the only thing I can say stay away from Wise because they’re getting expensive and their junk. Even when the cameras do work the microphones in them are absolutely horrible. Seems Wyze has killed the Golden Goose of quality product at a good price… now they’re just expensive junk.


One of the reasons I installed the RTSP firmware is that there aren’t any forced upgrades on it, right now.

Same continuous connection problems. Five cameras, different models. Really unusable. Trashing these cameras and going for a different brand. I had really gotten into Wyze products, but this does it. I had problems with their contact sensors too. Really bad products. Good luck to all of you users.

Same here, exactly. While I watch the reliability of the camera system deteriorate (e.g., my 3 Cam V3’s disconnect from wifi randomly), I still get regular marketing emails from Wyze about new products. Those just annoy me.

I was having similar issues. What fixed it for me was changing the wireless channel to 6 in the router. From what I understand, WyzeCam v3 is a bit stupid to work on Auto channel.