Wyze Cam v4 Ideas

Sounds like a great idea, but Wyze doesn’t improve their products much. Generally, more costly hardware would be needed to increase the power of the images plus recording at multiple resolutions at same time. Better hardware/software would go against Wyze low pricing.

In my experience, you trade off lower resolution recording for increased recording time on storage. If you absolutely need high rez get a second camera that records 100% of time and set that to high rez with no alerts, while the low rez cams can be used as the alerts and can be set to record on motion or 100% too.

Even with high rez, videos don’t always get quality images when zoomed to see someone stealing or doing something to your property farther away. Lighting even affects higher rez videos. For these scenarios, you’d need perfect lighting when the event occurs plus high resolution camera with high frame rates to capture zoomed in still shots.

The best bet is to put cam as close to the action as possible (end or halfway of driveway/yard etc) and layer cam angles. So if one camera does get center of the action, the other cam may get better images.

99% of my Wyze alerts are garbage (light changes, insects, wind shadow movements) even with movement settings set to 4% and minimizing alert field to just a sliver of sidewalk. The only great images with great detail seen on my Wyze are moments where person/animal is near camera. If they are 50-70 feet off and also at the edge of the camera view, zooming in yields minimal results with great lighting.

If possible, I recommend a hardwired 4k cam system that is off network and not connected to internet. And use fewer Wyze cams to send notifications at key points (doors, driveway). The better 4k cams would capture way better detail when zooming AND would be more useful as evidence during low lighting situations.

I think including somehow on the next version v4 or on any camera for it to be able to detect temperature someone like me living in canada our winters are cold and if it’s rated to -4 I could know when to bring it in and monitoring green houses so many different applications

I just Want a V4 Camera with Better Quality 2k and up or a 1080p with better sensor / Quality
with better Motion detection PIR
Better Quality Video, less false triggers
Ability to send video to my Network NVR and

Personally I am not a big fan of the Outdoor cameras. Part of that is that I need continuous recording, so I only get like 5-6 days out of the battery. I like the PIR, but don’t like that they don’t have the Color Night View (I am guessing due to battery concerns). That and the wired vs wireless are the only differences between the Outdoor and v3.

I think it’s stupid that there is a v3 which is basically a wired outdoor camera, and then a wireless outdoor camera. There should be ONE camera that has PIR AND Color Night View. Give it a battery and done. The cameras already operate using WiFi, so they would operate just as they normally would. A base would be optional (ie if I mount them on top of my house and don’t want to climb up there to get the SD card). Bonus, if you lose power, the battery power is used to continue use of the camera.

This would simplify the manufacturing allowing you to “meet-in-the-middle” on pricing since you’d be able to hit higher manufacturing numbers. It would not affect the subscription model and you’d likely be able to push it even more.
If you add an add-on solar module to “extend” the usage between charges (don’t say it would run off of it as it would bit you in the ass legally later) it would add infinite usage scenarios for the v4 or as I’d like to call it “One Camera to Rule Them All”

I love your Cam V3 because it’s an indoor/outdoor camera that’s tiny and mighty. The quality of the video is spectacular. I only wish that it came with a lithium backup battery to mitigate power outages. :pray:t4:

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An external battery backup that works with any USB device up to 2 amps (so it would also work with the Pan) would be an easy solution, and also be useful for many non-Wyze devices.

I have a device like that I purchased on Amazon, but while it does the job, the design is lacking. Instead of simply plugging into USB and providing a USB port of its own, it replaces the existing cable, and is shorter than most.