Wyze Cam v4 Ideas

I have Kuna security and love how it greets guest. Stops them and lets them know they are being recorded…Would be easy for WYZE to add a “chime” when a person is detected.

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Anyone working on a corner can out there? Most house have right angles, for great coverage you need three cams…I would love a 270 degree camera. I think other people would to. Thought???

What about nighttime color imaging like the v3 cam?

Solar power. They have 3rd party solar panels for Wyze Outdoor Cam but not for the Wyze Cam V3. Would be great to get the better features of Wyze Cam V3-4 and still be able to use solar power. In fact there is a long and popular thread on this forum about trying to put together a solar panel system to power the V3 currently.

At some stage a camera that is both solar-powered and SIM-based to allow for recording to the cloud via solar like the Reolink Go below. Their price point certainly has room for disruption.


I’m stuck buying the Reolink Go for my application but would rather support Wyze if they can make a competitive product (and they’ve made plenty of other competitive products that are similar, so why not one more).

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The Wyze cam Outdoor already has a battery, so i would think it would be more affective to use that. Maybe Wyze will make their own solar panel and/or WCO with V3-like features.

It would be nice to build a camera that includes a solar charging panel on the top of the camera, rather than an add-on solar panel.

Just wondering if you guys can create some kinda battery backup for the Wyze v3 camera. For example, when there’s a power outage so it continues to record?

Record to where? The cloud? If there’s a power outage, the cloud route is also out, unless your modem and router are also on battery backup.

Support daisychaining multiple Wyze Cams for power. This way I only need to connect one Wyze Cam to power and the rest of the cams just get the power from the daisy chain cable. It is a much cleaner and easier installation, especially you are trying to hook up the whole house.

If you added more than 1 camera to the chain, the voltage drops would be horrendous.

But allowing one would be nuice :slight_smile:

A small uninterrupted power supply (UPS) would work and could be connected by someone who knew what they were doing, if you had a low-voltage distribution system. Not complicated. Could be done if you have a substantial system. I do, but it is a custom install since it’s so large. Ask if you want component tips. But it’s whole-house hard wired low voltage.

That is probably and end-user thing without making the cameras large enough to house a battery. It could be done. But the camera size/cost will suffer.

Can use low voltage distribution. Voltage drop would be too great for parallel wired at low voltage. If you’re interested in the equipment ai spec’d let me know. I have hard wire low voltage distribution. Works like a champ.

You want to spend all that money on power infrastructure, then buy the cheapest cameras? OK.

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My cameras pick up a whole lot of nothing: shadows, vegetation, chasing cars, etc. Now this may take away from Wyze’s body recognition system but I would like Wyze cams to have a thermal sensor either built into the camera or attached (like the spotlight). This would allow the user to either use regular motion detection or thermal infrared detection. The sensor would pick up a warm body of a certain size and turn on the camera to record it. Uh, I didn’t read all the wishlist instructions, I think I’m supposed to say, “So it is written and so it shall be.” Thanks.

Daisy chain cameras for connectivity

An expensive competitor is doing this…

I just ran across a Kickstarter for a $300 camera. I currently have 12 wyze v3 cams up and running. I use them at home and then there’s a set used for neighborhood watch.

This other camera has an 18650 battery in it, that supposedly will last a year and also can be charged by a solar panel on top of the camera. I don’t really care about the LED lights it has but it also have a central hub that the cameras have to be within 100m of, That’s a pretty good distance. Even better is it if one of the cameras can’t reach the hub but can reach another camera you can keep putting cameras 100 m out without needing another hub. The hub itself has connectivity and storage options and the whole thing runs on a private network and doesn’t need the internet.

Power and connectivity are the two things people struggle with when placing their cameras. If you can put a network of them across a large area and only need one hub that’s pretty awesome. No idea how hard it would be to do that with wyze cams. My Google nest wifi devices also can be daisy chained without all of the extenders needing to reach the base router. However if it’s going to cost $300 per camera please don’t do it.

HeliosCam: Wireless 4K x 3 Panoramic Security Camera, via @Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/764574667/helioscam-wireless-4k-x-3-panoramic-security-camera?ref=android_project_share

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Huh, they seem a bit ungainly to me. The use of radar in addition to PIR sensing is interesting. I have serious reservations about battery life. $300 isn’t outrageous but it sure is high. Their claim of “double encryption” is concerning.

Considering they apparently have three 4K cameras, along with the other features, that really doesn’t seem to be a bad price. Have you checked the pricing on a single 4K wireless outdoor camera (much less one with battery power and a solar panel)?

As to ideas for the next generation of Wyze camera, I would like to see someone do a wired data connection to the a connection module (either incorporated with the power adapter up seperate). This would mean people that want Ethernet connections can use that, while people that want to use WiFi can use that, and potentially have the WiFi antenna in a better location (or even have the option to purchase a dual band module or upgrade to one later).

Yup, agreed, that’s why I said it’s not outrageous for what you get. Although the price is actually $400 at present. That 3rd camera seems ill advised to me - for the majority of applications it will be facing the mounting wall. But they get an A for effort, trying to do something a little different.

Mounted on a pole, however, 360 is great. I have a couple of pan/tilt cameras (which for various reasons I haven’t gotten mounted yet), but they can’t do a true 360 even when panning, as the mount for the camera itself is in the way.

I guess if it proves to be commercially successful they could always do a cost reduced 2 camera version later, but for most of those situations, two separate cameras might work almost as well or better, depending on the situation.

I’m curious how far the range of the radar is as “mm wave” in a consumer device typically means 60 GHz, like Google’s Soli sensor.

Back on the Wyze v4 ideas, I would love to see a camera that when motion is detected takes a very high resolution still (at least 12MP) along with the video. For that matter, having the option to just do a sequence of high-res stills instead of video. Sometimes detail is more important that seeing something in motion, and sensors for high resolution stills aren’t terribly expensive.

That’s a great point. It’s especially a consideration when paying for the additional cloud or local storage required for higher resolution recordings. Your idea sounds like a great compromise. Take a few periodic high res images but revert to 1080 video recording.