Wyze Cam v3, Wyze Pan v2, Wyze Plug 2021, Wyze Plug Outdoor Firmware Beta Test 11/22/2021

I just checked, and my apps are not seeing the 2021 Plug update either. :slightly_frowning_face:


So what’s the deal with the plug 2021?! Still no update showing up for it… Come on wyze…

I would say Monday or Tuesday closed at noon on Wednesday

Confused as to what you are saying here. Can you provide more details or information as it would help the community out. If you are saying Monday or Tuesday is when the FW will be out, I would be curious as to how you know.

I’m just guessing due to the holidays

For what?

So what’s the deal with the plug 2021?! Still no update showing up for it… Come on wyze…

I saw that, I was confused with your response. There was not much detail and implied that we will get a FW update after the Holidays. Not sure if that is what you meant or if you are speculating. Providing a little more context or details to the responses would really be helpful.

I have reached out to Wyze on this and waiting to hear back.

So I would have provided more detail as to not give @metaL an impression that the update will be available after the holidays, unless you know that specifically.

As a community member I like to deal in facts and provide information to help when I can. I also provide the source when I can.

I may have missed something, I apologize if I did. But was a bit confused.


I here you same here thanks…

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V3 cam beta lost the event recording schedule.

It used to have a choice of all day event recording or scheduled (the V2 and pans still have this ability) but it disappeared from the V3.


Interesting. Never noticed that Before. Great Catch.

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I only caught it because I used to have scheduled event recording on a particular camera and I went to modify it when I noticed no events recorded.


Wonder if it was moved to the Rules Area

Sign out of app then back in

Im my experience, that doesn’t fix it. Have you seen this and corrected it by signing out of the app and back on?

The V3 cam has never had a schedule under the Event Recording item like the V2 did. When they wrote the V3 plug-in they decided to eliminate it to encourage the use of rules for that purpose, which are more powerful and can schedule multiple start/stop times a day.


I could have sworn it was there. I never really played around with the rules.

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So I am not going crazy. But understandable as to @towelkingdom assumption. :slight_smile:

@metaL @Newshound

Wanted to let you know, I let Wyze know about the plug bv2 and Bulb v2 not being separated in the beta location. They updated it on their side, so now if you go to the Beta Program Menu, you should see both the Plug v2 and White Bulb v2 available now.

Here is the link:


This is Great i just made the change and had firmware updates for all my V2 plugs :woozy_face: Guess they might work better now.

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