Wyze Cam v3 won’t scan ir code

I’ve tried various distances static. I’ve tried slowly moving towards or away. I tried it straight, then I smoked 2 bowls and tried it again. I tried it with a fox, I tried it in a box. The point I’m trying to make is I have tried everything.

Don’t beat yourself up man . It happens

Even more annoying when it just will NOT scan the QR code and you feel like you’ve done everything .

Call support and they’ll send you two replacements , and it’ll feel so good to hear the devices say “qr code scanned” it’ll feel like a relief .

This is why I’ve advocated for wyze devices to be gain having the QR codes on the devices instead of us having to scan the QR code with the camera from our phones . so many people have issues where their cameras just do not scan the QR codes , it will be easier and quicker to just scan the QR code off the devices instead

Ring and eufy does this

Do you have something other than an iPhone you can try? Seem to remember a post with a similar problem and the camera finally connected using an iPad, I think. Also a few other things—
Have you tried with cell service disabled?
Location services on?

Not sure if this was mentioned, but do you have your text or display size enlarged on the phone? That causes issues sometimes

Thanks, i have bold text enabled. I’ll disable it and try again.
Thank you, bill

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Didn’t help. Thanks for trying :slightly_smiling_face:

I am having the same issue…first the floodlight cam wouldn’t accept my wifi so I did all the steps given by the very patient technician and NOW it won’t scan the code. Scanned it at least 4 times previously. So I am very unhappy with the product and in addition - NOT HAPPY THAT THE TECHNICIAN CAN LOOK UP MY ACCOUNT AND SEE ALL MY CAMERAS BUT I HAVE TO RESPOND TO AN EMAIL WITH ALL THE CAMERA INFORMATION - THEY ALREADY KNOW.
I was telling all local neighborhoods about how wonderful WYZE is…well, a company proves how good they are by customer service. Advanced camera with clear crisp images with OLD FASHIONED WARRANTY SERVICE. Unbelievable and the camera was purchased 4 months ago

Wyze replaced both of my cameras, and the new ones setup without any issues. They told me to recycle (throw away) the two that didn’t work, but I kept them. I must’ve tried to scan the IR code 1000 times and finally got it to work on one camera! Don’t ask me how or why, it just all of the sudden worked, so now I have three working cameras instead of two. The customer service and tech-support is definitely lacking, but they did do the right thing and replaced my cameras and I can’t complain. I hope your stuff gets straightened out for you.

Peace, bill

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Did you have to fill out the silly email?

Yeah. They make you jump through all the hoops until it has become too expensive to take up tech-support time and it’s just easier to replace the product. That’s my theory. Anyway, I could be wrong.

Thanks for responding…I just gave them my first BAD review to my neighborhood…I’ll continue to retract until they resolve this.