Wyze Cam V3 Sound Quality/Static

I ordered my first Wyze Cam (V3) a couple months ago with hopes I could use it as a baby monitor and later as an outdoor security camera. I need clear visuals and sound for this. Image quality is great but the sound is garbled and basically unusable. I see from other posts that I’m not the only one experiencing this. I emailed support after trying the usual troubleshooting steps (power cycle, reset, update firmware, move closer to router, etc …) and they sent me a replacement. Exact same problem. Static sound on livestream and playback. Garbled audio recording. There is a soft buzzing/static sound coming from the back of the actual camera when I put my ear close.

I can’t imagine this could possibly be the level of quality intended for this product, even at this price point? Surely this is a bad component, or ESD failure, or something, right? As is, audio recording should not even be considered a feature of these cameras. Is this what the audio is like for everyone else? I really want to use/like the cameras. Should I try a different brand, opt for a V2, or attempt another replacement?

Can someone tell me if the V2 has functional audio?

Same issue with the 3 that I have

I have the same issue, I need a refund!!!