Wyze Cam V3 SD Card Failures

I never did that but that might have been the cause for some folks… The other V3 I have in the front with a cheap-o 16gb sd card and it works flawlessly. And it has been unplugged without shutting down, moved from one side of the house to the other, etc. Just something about this one card and this one camera I guess?

I just stumbled onto this thread, thanks to a fellow Wyze user. My anecdote:

I have 5 v2 cams, and many a moon ago, all of them handled random microSD cards flawlessly for continuous recording. As firmware updates proceeded and I didn’t necessarily check the recordings because life is boring, it took a while to discover that none of the 5 cameras any more recognized the SD cards; however, they were all since pulled and successfully repurposed, mostly for Raspberry Pi work.

I’ve long been suspicious of the firmware updates, but only recently did I decide to study this more. I bought new 32GB Sandisk cards, and exactly ZERO of the 5 Wyze 2 cams with the latest firmware will recognize them, no matter what I do to format them beforehand. They aren’t recognized at the very start, at insertion, with no use whatsoever. The message is that no card is inserted (despite the truth); therefore nothing can be done at all.

Wyze can argue with me all they want, but I doubt I’ll ever be convinced that this is not due to firmware updates, and I see no evidence they are interested in solving it. Every one of my 5 v2 cams used to work with microSD cards for continuous recording, simple as that. In you want to claim that the v2 cams have eventually since become defective, that I’ll believe. I ordered another 2 v2 cams recently. They had defective sound out of the box, and Wyze told me I’m out of luck on a warranty because they’re no longer made (bought at Amazon which thankfully allowed a return). And since this incident, one of my original 5 has developed… wait for it… a sound defect (recording sounds that simply are not there, likely originating as decaying circuit board components or ground connections).

For the record, the brand new cards (5 so far in a row) that do not work with my 5 cameras are Sandisk Ultra microSDHC UHS-I 32GB cards (“for full HD video”). Thanks for this thread, I will follow.

yeah I’d had problems with v2s and cards not being recognized. the solution I found was formatting them in my laptop before putting them in the camera the camera format doesn’t work if it doesn’t recognize the card in the first place so yeah it leads me to believe that the firmware is rather lacking in its ability to handle SD cards

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Yeah since I can’t format them in the camera itself (used to be able to do that), I use my computer(s) also. Whether using the cards OOTB, or formatting on macOS or Windows, nothing gets them to work.

I had similar issues with my Pan camera except it would periodically work. After the first fail (non Wyze card) I purchased one directly from Wyze just to make sure there could be absolutely no question if my 3rd party card was the issue. After a few months it also was not recognized by the camera…however it still works about half the time.

I’ll just throw this out there FYI.

I have 5 v2s, all with 32 GB SD cards, a couple of weeks ago I noticed 3 of them were not able to show playback. Further investigation revealed they weren’t recognizing the SD cards.

Eventually - the three problems were all SD cards with the WYZE logo. The other two had SanDisc cards, which were continuing to work.

So - all three WYZE cards became ‘unformatted’ within a less than 2 week period (I had checked playback on all five, for an unrelated reason).

My conclusion - WYZE has a problem. In theory I am in an email trouble shooting conversation with Judy from WYZE, however this only happened last Friday (June 26) so my panties are not yet in a bunch.

Please post the response you get from WYZE or better yet how about someone form WYZE post on this thread.