Wyze Cam v3 questions/wish list


I’ve seen mention of the possibility of having the Wyze Cam v3 available in black. I’d like to cast my vote for that. I have a couple v2 cameras mounted outside (in protective covers under eaves). They are in black mounting cases because our eaves and downspouts are dark brown and they blend in much better than the white cameras.

Can anyone provide the dimensions of the v2 compared to the v3? I’m wondering if my v2 mounting cases would work for the v3 (I may need to modify the front cut-out as the lens appears to be mounted more toward the middle in the v3).

Finally, I was wondering if any thought has been given to selling silicone sleeves for the v3 in various colors? I have Wyze outdoor cameras mounted on our siding and it would be great if I could get a better color match without trying to paint the cameras.

Thanks for listening!

The V3 is slightly bigger than the V2. The dimensions below were found on the specs page of each camera.
V2: Height: 56mm, Width: 50mm, Depth: 50mm
V3: Height: 58.5mm, Width: 51mm, Depth: 52mm

I agree about wanting black cameras. I have a couple of places that something other than white works better.