Wyze Cam v3 Now Available! - 10/27/20

@prjct92eh2, TBD for HomeKit. :slight_smile:

@zaul.covarrubias526, it is not eligible for the pay-what-you-want person detection at this time.

@mcart, sorry about that! If you don’t open them, you can contact our team about doing a return. Wyze Customer Support

Wyze Cam Outdoor can go where Wyze Cam v3 can’t because it’s battery-powered. They are different products intended for different functions. :slight_smile:


@pthalodezin, I ask because I want a cam that view through a window and IR lights are useless. It would be nice if actual sensor has improvements as well.

I am not sure anyone has done this before with being able to see thru a window at night or if it is even possible. IR light simply reflects back when it comes into contact with glass. But I hope it has been done. :slight_smile:

Also, don’t mistake my sense of urgency for saltiness. It is what it is. Need to find a way to promptly work this out as we’ve been in camera limbo for a couple months now, and the V2 we have outdoors needs to come inside in a few weeks to become a baby monitor :blush:


Now, you say at this time, does this mean it may be in the future :pray: or probably not ever :sob:? I was about to buy 3 new cameras today but now I am wondering if I should get the V3

I just ordered 2, however it would be really good customer service to pass on the free shipping to those of us who have pre-ordered (showing Wyze our support) and those like me that have bought many Wyze products in the past.



  1. Wyze Cam v3 is not compatible with Wyze Sense v1. We are working on Wyze Sense v2 and it will have a standalone bridge!

  2. Yes, the siren is 80 dB.

  3. The siren can be used with Rules!

  4. There’s a little information about accessories at the bottom of the product page but we won’t give much more info until later.

  5. We are looking into geofencing.

  6. The sensor has improvements as well. I think it would perform better through windows but I still wouldn’t recommend IR against glass.


Actually, the solution that woks is to get a directional IR light and put it outside the window, but in a rental situation like mine, I can’t wire the light. I want a CMOS sensor that is more sensitive to the visible spectrum. That really is the question. IR through glass is impossible. Glass reflects IR.

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@zaul.covarrubias526, I wouldn’t bank on it but I can’t say for sure it would never happen. If pay-what-you-want is successful, we would like to roll it out to other products.


Hurray!!! Congratulations!!! We used one of ours for a baby monitor and it was amazing! If you have google or alexa displays it makes it even better. Just ask and boom it pops up! We now use it mostly as a toddler monitor which means if its silent we turn it on :scream:!


Ok! I may just order more V2s for now. I can always get more in the future. I really enjoy all of my Wyze products!


Putting an IR light outside might do it for sure…I never thought about that…how interesting…thanks for sharing. Yeah sucks that you cannot wire it though!

Are you sure it works with Google?

FYI, you want to use what is called an IR illuminator light if you go with that approach.

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We are working with Google to resolve it.

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The new CMOS Starlight Sensor is so sensitive now that if you have any light at all nearby (like a yard light) you may find it never switches to IR vision and just stays in color all night long. In situations where the V2 saw all black with a point of light, this camera can see a color scene. It is very impressive, and IMO the biggest selling point of this camera!

V3 (top), vs V2 in low-res group mode, (both looking at the same scene at the same time thru my garage window with NO IR lights active on either):


Pretty sure they said they are working on the V3 to work with google so not yet. The V2s do, I’ve been using it for over a year now!

v3 is sensitive to visible and ir light. I highly recommend it trying it out.


thank you. I guess I could still keep a V2 to run my Sense V1 and use the V3 for it’s siren. That said. What about monochrome mode? If I ever decide to say FU to my landlord and wire that outdoor IR Illuminator, I need to be able to have a monochrome setting that will turn off Wyze’s IR lights but still record without the color. It may be moot depending on how good the starlight sensor really is.

Would you recommend just hooking up the Outdoor Cam? Is it still a reasonable option?

I did want to put a separate message here. Thank you for releasing this product instead of some of the other products currently in “testing”. With the products currently in pre-order, this was the right next step (among a few other products that may or may not ever happen). There are a few that just don’t fit in the Wyze universe IMHO.