Wyze Cam V3 notification lag

If I understood what you are asking, the answer is not really. Eufy has implemented a notification process and has been able to ensure a high priority message which allows notifications to be provided regardless of the Doze mode. Wyze needs to do something similar to this. The Doze issue is an Android issue and affects Wyze and other apps including some Google apps. When Doze is on you may not get notifications for a long period of time. If you have an Android phone, you can use and ADB command which will basically disable doze and you will get notifications, but they will be a little longer than Eufy as it is cloud processing.

Last I heard, Wyze was working on the notification issue across the board, but is rolling it out through device updates to allow them to correct and enhance overtime. I personally have seen an improvement to the notification time. However, the Local aspect, as with Eufy, helps with how fast you get your notifications as there is no cloud processing required to go on.

On a side note: I use CamPlus and have been very happy with how it filters and notifies only on humans. but there is a longer delay to get the notification - I am experiencing about 20 seconds to be notified. On the flip side, if I were to turn off camplus (deactivate it) on the V3 and V2, I seem to be getting notified within 5 seconds. The downside is that it is only 12 second recording and notifies for all detected events.

I also have Eufy and get notified within 3 seconds of it seeing an event, but that is an average. At times, I don’t get notified when something happens. So nothing is 100% perfect. :slight_smile:

Seems that the experience individuals have vary, so all I can do is explain what mine is. Before I turned on CamPlus AI on the V3, I was alerted frequently for every event, and quickly. once I turned on CamPlus AI, I only get human notification and everything else is filtered, the notification time has increased to an average of 20 seconds.


You’re making me regret buying for v3’s I hope they do fix the problem quickly as I also have Blink cams and they give you a response just as quick as yours does about 3 seconds.

Actually, I ended up syncing all of my cameras, and then logging out of the Wyze app and signing back in, and it reduced the notification lag considerably.

I do not deny anyone’s experience. The thing is that my v3 gives me a near-instantaneous notification on my Android 8.1 phone with the Cam Plus activated. It is a simple test - I just pop up in front of the camera, and I get the notification not even three seconds later. Is it possible that my Android phone does not have the doze activated?

My Wize app is v2.16.55, by the way, but the notification was just as fast even before this recent app update.

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That is impressive. I wold say the Doze mode plays a part if your phone is not on a Charger and has been a sleep for a period of time. I have estimated about 3 minutes, before I started to see the issue.

To me. those of use on Android 11, it is a combination of things related to Doze mode, all the battery optimization items, and the new Messaging process imposed by Android/Google. The Version you are on may actually use the older messaging process which basically provides the notification withiout worrying about battery life. But not sure when they started the new process.

I am running the beta version of the App and experience the issue until I run the ADB command. things get a lot better after that.

Question, when you activated CamPlus for your camera, are you filtering on Person only or all motion? If it is All Motion, can you switch the notification for AI only and see how quick your notifications are?

I would lean towards the Android Version you are running and not the App Version.


I just turned on only the “Wyze AI Events” in the Notification settings and turned off the others, and the notification speed was the same as what I had originally had (“Wyze AI Events,” “All Other Motion Events” and “Sound Events” all on). The notification when I showed up in front of the camera was basically instantaneous with no more than a few seconds’ delay.

That would be great if that is what would happen on Android 11. I would say, don’t update the OS… :slight_smile:

With the latest Firmware on the V2 camera, I get alerted within 10 seconds. On the V3 I get notified within 20 seconds. But on the v3, the firmware has not been updated yet. When I first started with Wyze, years ago, the notifications were instant then as well. Since then there has been multiple OS updates and notifications started to degrade.

Can you do one other test as I am simply curious at this point. Do not have your phone plugged in, wait till it goes to sleep about 3 to 5 minutes. Do not touch it or wake it up, then do your test with the camera and see how fast it notifies you. if you do not get notified, that would be indicative of the Doze issue. I am curios of this as it would then lend the lag issue to other battery saving features Google/Android has implemented in the updated OS.


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In the Android app under account settings, I set up my software to run in the background at all times, and I responses in between 10 to 20 seconds

I have tested that before and have not noticed any real difference. With the new V2 firmware, I am getting about 10 second notifications. I turned on the setting and it is the same. I know what it is supposed to do, but it has not made a real difference in my testing, especially with the Doze issue.

I have not yet had the chance to do the 'sleeping phone" test, but will let you know as soon as I have done it.

I agree 100%. I’ve got wyze outdoor cam that wakes my phone in any state its in within 5secs but my V3 cams are many minutes sometimes over 20mins before a push notification is sent

I have finally tried the test of having my phone go to sleep and then check on the response of our v3.

The camera sent a notification immediately when it picked up the sound of our garage door opening (it is attached to one of the garage posts outside). It did not take five seconds for the camera notice to appear on our sleeping phone (which woke up because of it).

Impressive. Don’t upgrade, you will be disappointed. :slight_smile:

I think we all are saying that Wyze needs to get this worked out and provide an update which gets around the Doze issue and speed up the notifications.

I think we’ve been saying this for two years! And we can’t even get a clear statement from Wyze that either they’re working on it or they don’t care. At least I haven’t seen one, which makes me think that they don’t care.

Agreed. I have not either. But it is interesting that @jacksan1 is not having delay issues with the version of the Android OS being run. This gives credence to the fact it is an Android issue, but one which should be fixable.

As I said, I have two camera systems. So for now, I’m using my EufyCams for instant notifications, and my Wyze Cams for the big picture (entire event).