Wyze Cam V3 keeps disconnecting (with error code 90)

Yes. Thank you. It was sent Nov. 11 at 10:19 eastern standard time. That would match up. Glad you mentioned that. So what devices would cause this security alert if we didn’t sign in to our account with anything new? The last time this happened, it was when they had a employee security breach and uploaded everyone’s data for a month to another country. Then some lawyer go ahold of us then had a settlement agreement for us to sign but we declined it.

Is this another security breach? Which is why people’s cameras are acting up? I’ve had my phone hacked once before years ago, not this one, and it would do the same thing wyze cams are doing… Delay every action and letter I typed then after a few seconds it caught up with itself and kept happening for weeks.

@WyzeBaohua @WyzeChuan any thoughts? I tried reporting this but I’m being asked to download one of your 3rd party apps in order to report issues.

I get one of these emails every time I first sign into the app after an update. Had you just updated or reinstalled the app?

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I have a v3 suffering from this issue now and I’ve been using it for a year now with no issue then out of the blue :poop: I’ve went through every troubleshooting ritual that’s been listed to no avail. The dependability is definitely not as good as my Nest cams!

Sorry for the trouble. Could you please submit a log from that V3 and post the log number here? Thank you very much.

Thank you for posting it. I have forwarded your post to our security engineer. Please let me know if they have contacted you or not. Thank you very much.

No need I’ve already scrapped the faulty unit.