Wyze Cam V3 - Internet Connection

Have Wyze Cam V2’s and they connect to the internet and hold a connection. Under device info, they show the internet strength.

Several Wyze Cam V3’s and they connected to the internet but drop out constantly on live playback (I created a house group of 4 Cams, 3x V3 and 1x V2 pan) and the V3s constantly drop off. When you go to device info on all 3 V3s, there are 3 empty bars showing. On the V2 pan camera, there are 2 full bars showing. All camera’s are within 15’ of a router so signal strength is good. The V2 pan and 1 V3 are within 5’ of each other.

Some people say they are better than the V2s for signal strength and some say worse. I wonder if it’s a quality control issue. (Or just a YMMV WiFi issue.)

I have a weak area for the WiFi signal, V2’s work there but so far 3 V3’s have been tried there and they all have WiFi signal issues and eventually drop out.

Moving camera while still plugged in to where the signal is stronger the V3 connects.

Definitely the V3 has a slightly weaker WiFi than the V2

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My V3 is doing the same thing. Drops connection off and on

The V3’s are strange in that some have no issues with the connection and others do. There doesn’t seem to be any common denominator either. However, I’m pretty convinced that some routers just don’t work as well with V3’s, possibly just something in the way certain routers work with their band steering or something. .

I say this because I was one that had MAJOR problems with my first two V3’s but never with the V2’s. My issue was solved by replacing my router.

Let me explain. I had a really good AC2200 Tri-band router with 4 big antennas sticking out of it. I never had a signal issue with any of my 5 V2’s and Pan cams. One of my V2’s streams 24/7/365 on two wall mounted android tablets. My TV service is all streaming and I could even stream on 3 TV’s around the house simultaneously, including 4K along with tons of smart devices, computers, etc, without a skip. Anyway, I replaced that 24/7 V2 with a V3 and it would connect fine, but constantly drop to 0kbs and lose connection. It wouldn’t last for more than a few minutes befor slowing down and dropping connection. Tried a second V3 and had the exact same issue even though that one was even closer to the router. Even tried the V3 in the same room as the router.

The only other WiFi issue I had was our printer started also dropping offline a lot. I decided to change my router and bought an eero Pro mesh router with 2 beacons and magically, both of those same exact V3 cameras began working perfectly. I can sometimes go a week without the 24/7 feed dropping from the wall mounted Android tablets, and I think when they do, it’s just things going on with the tablets like updates and such. I now have 3 V3’s and 2 V2’s all working great.

I’m not suggesting that you go out and buy an erro or other new router, but I’m convinced based on my experience and several other posts on here that some routers just don’t play nice with the V3 for some reason.

One thing you may try is ungrouping. It may not help the V3, but when my wife used to group V2’s, It caused problems for us. That was over a year ago and several app versions ago so it may be okay now.

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I’ve got two V3’s, one in my front yard, about 20’ from the house, the other in the back yard, on the back of a shed. It’s about 40’ from the house, and another 15’ from my router. I also have two Ring cams outside, one on the front porch, the other on the far end of the attached garage. I have not had an issue with the V3’s or V2’s losing connection.
I use a Orbi WiFi 6 mesh system, which even though I have a pretty small home, was a necessity for getting a good signal from the main router (at the opposite side of the house from the garage) to the other end of the house. Router specs for coverage are WAY exaggerated and no where near what you get in real life.
In short, you probably have to move your router to somewhere closer to your cameras, or get a wifi extender or mesh network.

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What is interesting is I have the Orbi RBR50. What I might try is moving one of the V3s over to the Verizon router to see if that gives better connectivity but that is not in the best location.

I’ve 2 V3’s deployed outside.
One on the side of the house, about 60’ from the router and through 5 interior standard drywall frame construction plus an exterior vinyl siding wall. This is showing 3 empty bars.
The other was mounted on the side of my FORMER metal carport, which collapsed last Wednesday night at 7:30:47 pm CST. Caught on camera.

That was about 80 or 90 feet away through an exterior brick wall diagonally, then free air. IIRC it had been showing 3 empty bars. It has since been repositioned INSIDE the wreckage to monitor the melting of the snow/ice, The signal is now going through an additional 2 or 3 layers of the metal shed roof & walls and still connecting with 3 empty bars.
So I’ve found those 2 V3’s to get very great network connection.

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